Monday, December 26, 2011

Biggest Game of the Season

This is the biggest game of the season for the Raiders but it's also one of the biggest games of Carson Palmer's career.

In order to defeat the Chargers, who would love to spoil the Raiders chance at the post season, Carson must play mistake-free football. He has to be a leader on offense and he cannot throw the INT's.

The Raider defense played a little better against KC, however Stanford Routt needs to stop with the penalties. He did have a pick but he has to keep his hands off the Charger receivers once they are past the 5-yard zone.

Routt has the cover skills but it's like he lacks confidence in his ability so he resorts to holding. He has to know that the refs are going to call it every time. Stanford does not have the luxury of a Darrelle Revis, where he can hold and get away with it.

Stanford Routt and Carson Palmer must play sound football throughout the game in order for Oakland to defeat the Chargers.

The Raiders (8-7) will win the division if:
  • They beat the Chargers next week and the Broncos lose to the Chiefs.
  • Oakland doesn’t own any tiebreakers over Denver, so it needs to win the division based on overall record.
This last week of the season, all Raider fans have a pass to root for the Kansas City Chiefs .. Go Chiefs!!!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Carson Palmer - Captain Mediocre

I keep saying, been saying since day one, the Raiders cannot win with Carson as their QB. He can put up good numbers, nice stats from time to time but he is not a winner. Palmer fans make excuses for a 11-year career that has MEDIOCRE written all over it.

Hue Jackson made a colossal mistake by bringing him to Oakland and giving up so much in return for a washed-up QB. Of course I root for him as a die-hard Raiders fan, but realistically, he's not an upper echelon NFL quarterback, not even close.

Furthermore, the upcoming NFL draft is one of the deepest drafts we will have seen in a long time, especially at the QB position. There's Andrew Luck, Robert Griffith III (who I would LOVE to see in Silver & Black), Matt Barkley, USC; Landry Jones, Oklahoma; Ryan Tannehill, Texas A&M; Russell Wilson, Wisconsin; Kellen Moore, Boise State (could be a Drew Brees type QB). Other outstanding prospects are: Trent Richardson (RB), Alabama; Melvin Ingram (DT) and Alshon Jeffery (WR) from S. Carolina;  and so many other top, quality 1st round picks. Cincinnati has our 1st round pick (18th overall) and we have no 2nd round pick.

Here are the conditions of the Carson Palmer trade:
  • Cincinnati receives Oakland's 2012 1st round pick and a 2013 conditional pick (1st round pick if Oakland wins a playoff game this year, a 2nd round pick if they don't) for QB Carson Palmer.
As much as I hate to say it, and needing to beat both KC and San Diego, the Bengals will get a 2nd round pick in 2013 because we AIN'T winning no playoff game, probably won't even make the playoffs.

Our sloppy play, especially on defense, is not all Palmer's fault. Be that as it may, he's still not a winner. What Hue Jackson has basically done is he's mortgaged the Raiders next 2-3 years for a QB who has never reached his full potential and never will. Some Raider fans like to compare Palmer to Plunkett, and how his career was resurrected and he went on to win a Super Bowl with the Raiders.

There are three key elements that distinguish the two, and the differences are why Carson will eventually retire as a run-of-the-mill NFL QB.
  1. Heart. Plunkett had heart, Palmer does not.
  2. Palmer turns the ball over, Plunkett did not.
  3. Plunkett had mobility in the pocket. He could move out of the pocket when he needed to; Carson has no mobility whatsoever.
Hue Jackson's ill advised trade for Carson Palmer is going to ultimately cost him his job. Jackson gives his "Ra-Ra" speeches to the players but it's basically hot air. He will eventually be on the sidelines with another team in a role that is more suited for him - Offensive Coordinator or Quarterbacks Coach. He apparently assumed he could resurrect Carson's career because of his ties to Palmer from his USC days and from his days in Cincinnati. The problem with that Mr. Jackson - you can't teach Heart, Will, or Desire. Carson should have stayed retired.