Sunday, February 5, 2012

46th Super Bowl Diary

Toyota commercial right before the kickoff was nice.

I'm hoping Chad has a decent game, with a couple of catches, at least, but I'm typing this at halftime and OchoCinco was in on only one play, he will more than likely be no factor in the game.

Four minutes into the game I'm thinking, "it sure would be nice if the Raiders were in the Big Dance, as you all wish your team was playing in the Super Bowl.

The Elton John, Pepsi commercial was smooth. Flava Flav and Elton, I don't know about that, but it was a nice, rather odd ending to the commercial.

After the safety, with 7 minutes left in the 1st half, Giants have the momentum on their side. It was the 17th play for the Giants and 1 for NE. Patriots cause a fumble but have 12 men on the field. Those are the type penalties that the Raiders commit.

3:34 left in 1st half, Manning to Victor Cruz and he does his trademark Salsa dance.

Doritos commercial was nice, "you didn't see nothing." The dog was responsible for the missing cat.

The VW commercial about the Fat Dog, getting in shape again, on his own, because he can't fit through the doggie door.

The GoRun commercial with the dog moon-walking over the finish line was cool, but not sure if it needed Mark Cuban at the end.

E-Trade, with the talking baby, those commercials are always tight.

Great drive by the Patriots. Tied the longest drive in Super Bowl history, 96 yards. Giants dominated the 1st half but are down 10-9 at halftime.

Madonna represented with her halftime show.

Just before the start of the 2nd half, nice commercial featuring Clint Eastwood. Typical Clint, "It's halftime in America, but this is no game."

Start of the second half, Chad catches a pass; later in the same drive, the Patriots score. New England has put together back-to-back drives of 96 and 76 yards.

16-12 after Giants drive for a field goal.

13:23 to go in 4th quarter, Bradshaw fumbles but Giants recover. Bradshaw is good, but he is injury prone and will fumble at the most inopportune times. Hold on to the ball Amhad!

03:46 left in the game, Eli and the Giants have the ball, Manningham just made a fantastic catch!

02:50 to go in the game, Giants driving, whatever you do, do not give Brady any time on the clock. A field goal is all the Giants need to win, but if you give Tom Brady at least 1 minute, he will beat you.

01:04 to go, NE would do best to allow the Giants to score. The score is 17-15, and they did allow Bradshaw to score. Smart move on NE's part, but Bradshaw scores when he was probably told not to. Score: 21-17 New York.

Two dropped passes by Branch and Hernandez. 3rd and 10 and Brady is sacked at his own 13-yard-line. 4th and 16, no time outs, 1st down to Deon Branch.

19 seconds, ball on NE's 44-yard line. Giants have too many men on the field (12-men on field). 9 seconds. left, ball on 45. Incomplete to Branch, 5 seconds remaining, last play of game will be a HAIL MARY.

Game Over - Giants are Super Bowl 46 Champions, 21-17!