Sunday, July 29, 2012

Former Raider Robbins Sentenced

Former Oakland Raider Pro Bowl center Barret Robbins has been sentenced to five years in a Florida prison for violating a drug-related probation.

Robbins, who according to court documents suffers from bipolar disorder, was on probation for a 2005 arrest in Miami Beach in which he resisted arrest and fought with the police. He was shot and wounded during the incident.

The sentencing Friday by a Miami-Dade County judge was the result of an arrest over a year ago near Dallas when crack cocaine was found in Robbins' car after he was pulled over by police for a traffic stop. 

Robbins played for the Oakland Raiders for a total of nine seasons. He is remembered as the Raiders player who disappeared for several days prior to the 2003 Super Bowl against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He showed up the night before the game in an incoherent state and he did not play in the big game. 

Robbins was released by the Raiders the following year for steroid use.


Get it together Barret. We know you're having problems with your bipolar disorder but you gotta leave the drugs alone. You're taking the route of a quick earthly demise if you don't clean up your act.