Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Happy Birthday Al

Wednesday marks a bittersweet day for Raider Nation. On the one hand we’ll be celebrating my favorite holiday of the year. How the NFL hasn’t figured out a way to schedule some sort of preseason scrimmage televised on the 4th of July is beyond me. You can thank me later, Goodell.

But this Wednesday isn’t all fireworks and standing over hot grills. The 4th of July is also a celebrated day for the best fans in all of football because it marks the birthdate of the late Al Davis.

CSN Bay Area reports that there will be a gathering in Las Vegas to honor Mr. Davis on the 4th. It was routine for Davis and his closest family and friends to make the annual trek to Vegas to celebrate his birthday so it’s only natural for those that knew him to do like they always did.

What else is equally appropriate is for every member of Raider Nation to celebrate the life to the Davis in their own appropriate way during the Nation’s Independence Day. An independent thinker like Davis could have only been born in the 4th of July.

So if you want to send out a prayer, take a brief moment of silence, pour out a little of whatever you’re sipping on or just want to sport the jersey of your favorite Raider do so in honor of Davis this Wednesday. No matter how you celebrate his life it will be appropriate. Doing things his own way is how Davis lived his life so honor him and all he’s done by doing things your way.

One more time for Big Al, Just Win Baby!