Sunday, October 21, 2012

Great defensive win, still need a QB

2-4 in the AFC West is not that bad, we're definitely in the hunt. The Raiders still cannot win with CP at QB. I'm surprised that so many Raider fans make excuses for Palmer.

He's not a leader, doesn't read defenses well, turns the ball over at critical times, and does not check down to second and third options very well. He's done that his entire career.

Nobody but the Raiders wanted Palmer when he was sitting at home and there is a reason no team wanted him....

The Raiders best QB is sitting on the bench in street clothes...

Thanks to the Raider defense we defeated the hapless Jacksonville Jaguars, with their backup QB and Jones-Drew not playing. We will certainly take the win but still need a QB.

Some Raider fans criticize me (especially the Raydah Nation fans on Facebook, as they kicked me out of the group for voicing my opinion on Carson) for coming down on CP, but his career record speaks for itself. He is not a winning QB ..

Total games played: 114, won 52, lost 62. Carson is one of the few career starters in the NFL that have lost more games than he has won.

See stats at

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Booted from Raydah Nation

I was booted from the Facebook Raydah Nation group because of my harsh criticism of Carson Palmer.

I haven't really asked why I was removed from the group because I don't really care, but the moderator would probably say I broke some kind of rule because some bonehead guy called me "delirious" because of my stance regarding Palmer. I replied, "if you're going to criticize me at least learn how to spell" (he misspelled the word delirious).

One day after my response I'm kicked out of the group. That's OK, because I'm certainly not one who follows the crowd or agrees with the majority opinion just to keep the peace. If I cannot express myself, and my sports views, then I don't want to be a part of the group. To HELL with Raydah Nation.

I've been a diehard Raiders fan since I was 6 years old, and was born in Oakland, CA. But if they have players that are stinking it up, I'm going to voice my opinion, and Carson Palmer has stunk it up his ENTIRE CAREER.

Every time I'm critical of a Raider for his poor play, specifically Carson Palmer, my loyalty as a Raiders fan was always questioned. I call it like I see it, and I've said from day 1, "The Raiders will not win with Carson Palmer."

So go right ahead, kick me out of your club, my voice will be heard regardless. How can you give up two top draft picks for a proven loser? If Hugh Jackson doesn't acquire Carson (and it was his decision alone, after the death of Al Davis) he's probably still the Raiders head coach.

The Carson Palmer experiment has been a dismal failure. Click the link below, and you'll see there's at least one NFL pundit that agrees with me.

The Carson Experiment

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Bench Carson Palmer

from Raydah Nation posted by workhomeunion

In a Raider pre-peason game, one of the commentators stated the same thing that was said about Pryor when he played at Ohio State, "he's hard to get on the ground," "he's hard to sack." TP has very deceptive speed and has won on every level.

Carson Palmer is a BUM !!! I've said it all along .. WE CANNOT WIN WITH CARSON .. PERIOD..

The Raider defense played their hearts out on Sunday, played well enough to win, holding down the high-powered Atlanta Falcons offense. Carson fumbles (blind side hit, Vick took the same hit and was criticized for not "feeling the pressure" as he should have been criticized.. not Palmer, it's the offensive lineman's fault), then throws a pick 6 at the worst possible time, to give the Falcons the game.

For you staunch Palmer supporters, I suppose the receiver ran the wrong route. Sure, he drove the team down the field to tie the game but he never should have put us in that situation to begin with. As one Carson supporter stated in Raydah Nation of Facebook, "look at Palmer's stats." His stats look decent because most of his career, he's played from behind. He can pass for 300 yards with ease, especially if you're down, it's late in the game, and you're forced to pass. Because of his inability to manage games, but pile up useless stats, Palmer makes a pretty good Fantasy Football QB. However, he rarely makes a game winning play and his history proves that. Palmer is like a poor man's version of Tony Romo. The bigger the situation, the more his team needs him, he will let his teammates down, just like Tony "Nomo".

PALMER IS A BUM, HE'S A LOSER, and he's proven that the 10 years he has been in the league. Matt Leinart as a backup, PLEASE, he's a proven loser, and can't stay healthy.

Not that I'm comparing Carson Palmer to Peyton Manning, because that would be a JOKE, but did you see how Manning, in a comeback win over San Diego, dodged the rush, then jumped over one of his lineman who fell right in front of him, and completed the pass?? Carson Palmer doesn't come close to making a play like that and he would have certainly taken a sack, and possibly fumbled the ball. When Carson takes a sack, I can guarantee you that most Raider fans, in unison, across America, are yelling the same two words - DON'T FUMBLE.

I'd rather see the TP learn and grow, as a starter, as Carolina is doing with Cam, as Seattle is doing with Wilson, as the Redskins are doing with RG3, as the Dolphins are doing with Tannehill, as the Colts are doing with Luck, as the Vikings are doing with Ponder, as well as the Bengals with Andy Dalton.

But not the Raiders, they would rather go with a proven LOSER. I swear, if I were not a Raiders fan for over 30 years I'd dump the Raiders until they came to their senses. Carson Palmer is not a winner! I support the Raiders wholeheartedly, but I do not support Carson Palmer as our starting QB. Bench the Bum!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Debacle in Denver

The debacle against Denver means the Raiders have reverted back to their old ways and once again proved they are not a decent road team.(Carson Palmer reverted back to his typical, less than mediocre self.

I watched the Chicago vs Dallas game, this past Monday night, Cutler looked pretty sharp, but Campbell looked sharper. That is, he looked sharp in his very clean uniform, on the sidelines as backup QB to Jay Cutler.

Jason should be the starting QB for the Raiders. Before he was hurt last season, he had found his team. He had finally found a team that was a good fit for his skills.

Of course this is wishful thinking, on my part. Unless Terrell Pryor beats Carson out, we're stuck with Palmer for the next few seasons, at least until he finally proves, once and for all, that he's not a winner in the NFL

We have a bye week coming up, then it's on to Atlanta to face the red-hot Falcons. Needless to say, if we don't play mistake-free football, it's going to be ugly.