Sunday, October 21, 2012

Great defensive win, still need a QB

2-4 in the AFC West is not that bad, we're definitely in the hunt. The Raiders still cannot win with CP at QB. I'm surprised that so many Raider fans make excuses for Palmer.

He's not a leader, doesn't read defenses well, turns the ball over at critical times, and does not check down to second and third options very well. He's done that his entire career.

Nobody but the Raiders wanted Palmer when he was sitting at home and there is a reason no team wanted him....

The Raiders best QB is sitting on the bench in street clothes...

Thanks to the Raider defense we defeated the hapless Jacksonville Jaguars, with their backup QB and Jones-Drew not playing. We will certainly take the win but still need a QB.

Some Raider fans criticize me (especially the Raydah Nation fans on Facebook, as they kicked me out of the group for voicing my opinion on Carson) for coming down on CP, but his career record speaks for itself. He is not a winning QB ..

Total games played: 114, won 52, lost 62. Carson is one of the few career starters in the NFL that have lost more games than he has won.

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