Friday, November 30, 2012

Palmer trade absolute bust

Trading for Palmer was a knee jerk reaction meant to keep the then 4-2 Raiders on pace for a playoff birth. As we know Palmer had moments of brilliance but throwing 16 INTs in only 7 starts will never be confused with winning football. Neither will constantly changing coaches and offenses every other year but that’s what the Raiders did once again this past offseason.

So Palmer digested a new playbook, worked like a mad man during the offseason and has put up some impressive numbers including setting a few team records for the Silver and Black. Of course there is only one record that matters for quarterbacks in this league.

As Oakland’s starting QB the Raiders are 7-13 with Palmer under center.

That obviously isn’t winning football and the stats hide what has truly plagued Palmer. He has brain farts even JaMarcus Russell thinks are embarrassing. Twice this season Palmer has thrown costly interceptions in late game situations including a pick-six in Atlanta that deep-sixed what could have been Palmer’s signature win as a Raider. He’s also had the knack for racking up huge stats in otherwise meaningless contests.

Overall there is no other way to look at the Palmer trade as being anything but a failure. The move was made to win now and it’s devolved into a full blown franchise reboot. Not all of that is Palmer’s fault but his performance certainly hasn’t been worth the value of two high draft picks and all the continued disappointments on Sundays.


Sunday, November 25, 2012

Raiders in Regression: Lose 34-10

Trade Darren McFadden
I've been a Raiders fan since the age of six. Never have I been so disgusted with the team than I am today. This season alone, it appears that the Oakland Raiders, instead of making progress, are actually regressing.

It may be safe to say that the Raiders are the worst team in football. It's a toss up between Kansas City, Carolina, and Oakland. Between the coaching staff, the General Manager, the aloof, clueless owner, Mark Davis, and Carson Palmer as the starting QB, it could be 3-5 years before we see a turn around.

Being a diehard football fan and a loyal Oakland Raider fan, I cannot bail on my team; I have no other choice but to stick with them, but it's extremely difficult.

The Raiders are an embarrassment to themselves, an embarrassment to the league, and to their loyal fans.

Coach Allen looks as if he doesn't know what he's doing on the sidelines most of the time. For the past few Sundays, the Raiders have put a serious damper on my weekend because they are not even competitive. It's one thing to lose but to get blown out, week end and week out, is simply ridiculous.

All the blame does not fall on Carson, but from day one, I said, we cannot win with Carson Palmer as our starter. Carson has a career win percentage of .449 (118 games, 53 wins, 65 losses, including 2 playoff appearances, both losses), he's one of only a few, career starting QBs with a win percentage under .500. Lose more games than you win = LOSER.

We need to trade Darren McFadden because he cannot stay healthy. Trade him while he still has some value. General manager Reggie McKenzie, head coach Dennis Allen, Off Coordinator Greg Knapp; Def Coordinator Jason Tarver, ALL MUST GO.

Now that Al has transitioned, maybe we can get a big name GM, like a Bill Parcels, or a Jimmy Johnson, someone who can turn a franchise around.

To make matters worse, the Raiders start a fight at the end of the game (started it by hitting Bengals QB, Andy Dalton, late, and his team takes up for him, as they should) .. where's my paper bag?

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Open Letter to Mark Davis

by Susan Manuel

Dear Mark ... I have been a Raider fan since I was in fourth grade--through the good times, the bad, and back to the good again. I am at the for every home game. I am planted in front of my television for every away game. And, my Raider gear consumes a major portion of my closet. I am also a season ticket holder.

Had I known back in December you planned to fire Hue Jackson, I would not have renewed my season ticket package. To me with one decision, the writing was on the wall.

In fact, the writing is truly on the wall in my office. On my dry-erase board is my prediction for this season, made before training camp even began. The prediction was made on January 10, 2012--the day you fired Hue Jackson.


Mike and Mike in the Morning

Called Mike and Mike this morning, left voice-mail message, Greeney wanted to know how diehard fans felt about their team, who, at the mid-way point of the season were already out of contention. For those of you who do not know, Mike Greeney of Mike and Mike in the morning, on ESPN, is a diehard Jets fan.. He talked about how, you're optimistic for your teams chances during the draft (although the Raiders really didn't have a draft this season), during training camp you're hopeful, then the season starts, and your hopes begin to fade. He wanted fans to call in and voice their disappointment about their respective teams ..

I mentioned how you get excited when the season starts, you talk smack to your friends, but once your team is out of the picture, you have to eat crow, you have to make excuses as to why your team failed. As a football fan in general, you keep watching, you watch the other teams do well, you watch them compete in the playoffs, and you definitely watch the Super Bowl and cheer for one team to win, or you hope to see a good game .. but you watch the rest of the season, the playoffs, and even the Super Bowl, you watch it with a heavy heart .. wishing your team was a part of it .. Year end and year out, it's VERY FRUSTRATING !!!!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

"Bad News Raiders"

Remember the movie, "Bad News Bears?" Well, Raiders vs Ravens, it's the Bad News Raiders. What a terrible display of professional football.

Although the azz-whoopin the Raiders took, is not all Carson Palmer's fault, but I'm wondering if we are going to go another season, the 2013-14 season, with him as our starter? This season is over. Palmer throws for a lot of yards (usually because we are behind) but he's simply not a winner.

Career won/loss record: 116 games.. won 53 lost 63 career win percentage = .457 .. one of a few career starters that are under .500 for his career.

The entire team looks atrocious. We just might have another new coach next season. My Raiders look like the "Bad News Bears" out there, or should I say, "Bad News Raiders."

As I type this, the Raiders allow a fake FG for a TD, it's now 48-17, 3rd quarter. Final score, 55-20.

We're not close to being competitive. Somewhere Hugh Jackson is laughing, but he would still have a job if he didn't bring loser-Carson on board.

Again, this terrible, embarrassing loss was not Carson P's fault but every since Hugh Jackson brought him in from off his couch, when NO other team wanted him, I have been saying, WE CAN'T WIN WITH PALMER. We probably need a new coach, and we have one of the worst teams in the league.

Our season is done, I would like the Raiders to see what T.Pryor can do before they just cut him w/o giving him a chance. Palmer is no good, and Matt Leinart is a BUM. Give TP a chance, we have NOTHING to lose at this point. Denver is going to run away with the AFC West.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Carson Palmer MUST GO!

As much as I hate to admit, for the first time in my career as a lifelong Raider fan, the losses no longer bother me. Why?

For two reasons,
  1. I made peace with the Raiders losing a few years ago. The losing was so ridiculous, the mistakes, the penalties, no discipline, most penalized team in football; it's almost like we were proud to hold that record.
  2. We cannot win with Carson Palmer as our starting QB. I said it from day one. Palmer fans will quickly say that the lost to Tampa Bay was not his fault. Sure, there's enough blame to go around, the defense could not get off the field on 3rd down, and Doug Martin looked like Gayle Sayers.
The problem with Carson, and why he shoulders most of the blame is because he is not, and has never been a GAME MANAGER. He throws pretty long balls, nice spirals, but if the team is behind, and you need him to stage a comeback, it's not going to happen.

Palmer is also an excellent Fantasy Football QB. For example, in the Sunday loss against Tampa Bay he threw for 4 TD, over 400 passing yards, but the 3, untimely picks is what sealed the Raiders fate. Palmer's inability to lead his team to victory, and make the game-changing turnover has been his staple throughout his 11-year career and is clearly evident in his less than .500 winning percentage.

We know what Carson Palmer can do; we know what back-up QB Matt Leinart can do; we don't know what Terrell Pryor can do. The season is pretty much over for the Raiders. We've lost 6 games and the chances of an 8-8 record (which still probably won't get us in the playoffs) are slim to none. Give Pryor a chance, see what he can do. Hugh Jackson's acquisition of Palmer was a major mistake and it's what cost Hugh his job. Jackson was foolishly thinking that Carson could keep the Raiders on track for the playoffs. If you don't give away major draft picks for Carson, 9 times out of 10, Raider ownership would have given Jackson at least one more year considering the fact that Jason Campbell and the oft-injured Darren McFadden was out for the season.