Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Mike and Mike in the Morning

Called Mike and Mike this morning, left voice-mail message, Greeney wanted to know how diehard fans felt about their team, who, at the mid-way point of the season were already out of contention. For those of you who do not know, Mike Greeney of Mike and Mike in the morning, on ESPN, is a diehard Jets fan.. He talked about how, you're optimistic for your teams chances during the draft (although the Raiders really didn't have a draft this season), during training camp you're hopeful, then the season starts, and your hopes begin to fade. He wanted fans to call in and voice their disappointment about their respective teams ..

I mentioned how you get excited when the season starts, you talk smack to your friends, but once your team is out of the picture, you have to eat crow, you have to make excuses as to why your team failed. As a football fan in general, you keep watching, you watch the other teams do well, you watch them compete in the playoffs, and you definitely watch the Super Bowl and cheer for one team to win, or you hope to see a good game .. but you watch the rest of the season, the playoffs, and even the Super Bowl, you watch it with a heavy heart .. wishing your team was a part of it .. Year end and year out, it's VERY FRUSTRATING !!!!