Friday, November 30, 2012

Palmer trade absolute bust

Trading for Palmer was a knee jerk reaction meant to keep the then 4-2 Raiders on pace for a playoff birth. As we know Palmer had moments of brilliance but throwing 16 INTs in only 7 starts will never be confused with winning football. Neither will constantly changing coaches and offenses every other year but that’s what the Raiders did once again this past offseason.

So Palmer digested a new playbook, worked like a mad man during the offseason and has put up some impressive numbers including setting a few team records for the Silver and Black. Of course there is only one record that matters for quarterbacks in this league.

As Oakland’s starting QB the Raiders are 7-13 with Palmer under center.

That obviously isn’t winning football and the stats hide what has truly plagued Palmer. He has brain farts even JaMarcus Russell thinks are embarrassing. Twice this season Palmer has thrown costly interceptions in late game situations including a pick-six in Atlanta that deep-sixed what could have been Palmer’s signature win as a Raider. He’s also had the knack for racking up huge stats in otherwise meaningless contests.

Overall there is no other way to look at the Palmer trade as being anything but a failure. The move was made to win now and it’s devolved into a full blown franchise reboot. Not all of that is Palmer’s fault but his performance certainly hasn’t been worth the value of two high draft picks and all the continued disappointments on Sundays.