Sunday, November 25, 2012

Raiders in Regression: Lose 34-10

Trade Darren McFadden
I've been a Raiders fan since the age of six. Never have I been so disgusted with the team than I am today. This season alone, it appears that the Oakland Raiders, instead of making progress, are actually regressing.

It may be safe to say that the Raiders are the worst team in football. It's a toss up between Kansas City, Carolina, and Oakland. Between the coaching staff, the General Manager, the aloof, clueless owner, Mark Davis, and Carson Palmer as the starting QB, it could be 3-5 years before we see a turn around.

Being a diehard football fan and a loyal Oakland Raider fan, I cannot bail on my team; I have no other choice but to stick with them, but it's extremely difficult.

The Raiders are an embarrassment to themselves, an embarrassment to the league, and to their loyal fans.

Coach Allen looks as if he doesn't know what he's doing on the sidelines most of the time. For the past few Sundays, the Raiders have put a serious damper on my weekend because they are not even competitive. It's one thing to lose but to get blown out, week end and week out, is simply ridiculous.

All the blame does not fall on Carson, but from day one, I said, we cannot win with Carson Palmer as our starter. Carson has a career win percentage of .449 (118 games, 53 wins, 65 losses, including 2 playoff appearances, both losses), he's one of only a few, career starting QBs with a win percentage under .500. Lose more games than you win = LOSER.

We need to trade Darren McFadden because he cannot stay healthy. Trade him while he still has some value. General manager Reggie McKenzie, head coach Dennis Allen, Off Coordinator Greg Knapp; Def Coordinator Jason Tarver, ALL MUST GO.

Now that Al has transitioned, maybe we can get a big name GM, like a Bill Parcels, or a Jimmy Johnson, someone who can turn a franchise around.

To make matters worse, the Raiders start a fight at the end of the game (started it by hitting Bengals QB, Andy Dalton, late, and his team takes up for him, as they should) .. where's my paper bag?