Sunday, November 11, 2012

"Bad News Raiders"

Remember the movie, "Bad News Bears?" Well, Raiders vs Ravens, it's the Bad News Raiders. What a terrible display of professional football.

Although the azz-whoopin the Raiders took, is not all Carson Palmer's fault, but I'm wondering if we are going to go another season, the 2013-14 season, with him as our starter? This season is over. Palmer throws for a lot of yards (usually because we are behind) but he's simply not a winner.

Career won/loss record: 116 games.. won 53 lost 63 career win percentage = .457 .. one of a few career starters that are under .500 for his career.

The entire team looks atrocious. We just might have another new coach next season. My Raiders look like the "Bad News Bears" out there, or should I say, "Bad News Raiders."

As I type this, the Raiders allow a fake FG for a TD, it's now 48-17, 3rd quarter. Final score, 55-20.

We're not close to being competitive. Somewhere Hugh Jackson is laughing, but he would still have a job if he didn't bring loser-Carson on board.

Again, this terrible, embarrassing loss was not Carson P's fault but every since Hugh Jackson brought him in from off his couch, when NO other team wanted him, I have been saying, WE CAN'T WIN WITH PALMER. We probably need a new coach, and we have one of the worst teams in the league.

Our season is done, I would like the Raiders to see what T.Pryor can do before they just cut him w/o giving him a chance. Palmer is no good, and Matt Leinart is a BUM. Give TP a chance, we have NOTHING to lose at this point. Denver is going to run away with the AFC West.