Tuesday, January 1, 2013

TP - Nice First NFL Start

Raider Nation Times gives Terrell Pryor QB, ‘Stud’ status for his only start of the year.

Directing the offense, he put 21 points on the board, and they were all Pryor (two passes and a run). You want to know the last time the Raiders put up at least 21 points? Week nine against Tampa Bay. So what was to like? Well, he showed a good command of the offense, and mentally seemed to very much know what he was doing. He showed a great enthusiasm, as well as some leadership skills (pulling Mike Goodson away from the fight).

What I liked most was his vision. Some passes were on, a few were off (mostly not by a great deal), several were dropped, a couple lobbed up, and he even threw off his back foot more than once. But he knew where the open receiver was. That vision to see the field is something every good quarterback has to have. The mechanics we can work on. He also showed the confidence and the arm strength to go deep when he wanted. He underthrew DHB on a long ball and got intercepted, but it was his only howler of the day.

Pryor’s mobility and ability to extend the play with his feet were impressive, and his strength and running ability obvious. Yes there were things to work on, but Pryor showed that he can play, and that is the important bit.

from raidernationtimes.com