Saturday, August 24, 2013

Back To His Comfort Zone

Watched the Raiders-Bears game .. Pryor is TOTALING out-playing Flynn .. it's not even a close contest ... Pryor threw a TD pass, ran for a 25-yard score, and threw a jump pass (a la Tebow) but he threw the ball about 30 yards down the field for a completion to Streeter when most other QB's would have been SACKED..

There's maybe one other QB in the NFL that could make such a play and that's Cam Newton.

You have to be quick enough to elude the rush, athletic enough to jump in the air surrounded by defenders, and accurate enough to get the ball to the intended target.

If Pryor is not the starter, there's some politics involved, and it would probably start with GM Reggie McKenzie because he brought Flynn into the fold. Actually, Flynn should be released because 3rd string QB Matthew McGloin has out-played Flynn as well. Release Flynn, that way Pryor doesn't have to worry about making mistakes.

The funniest thing about watching the game was, when Flynn threw his second interception in the 1st half, the Raider crowd booed him loudly. The guy is getting booed in pre-season, really?

Matt Flynn's comfort zone is the BENCH. He rode the pines 4 out of 5 years at LSU, only started as a 5th-year-senior.

He backed up Marcus Randall his freshman and sophomore years; backed up JaMarcus Russell his junior and senior seasons, and started in 2007 (after Russell went to the NFL) as a 5th-year senior.

Flynn has carried the clipboard all the years he's been in the NFL. Granted, the years he spent backing up Aaron Rogers, most quarterbacks would have been in that role, so we'll give him that. However, he has one good game as a Packer, Seattle throws $19 million at him, so he's a Seahawk. But here comes rookie phenom, Russell Wilson, and before the start of the 2012 season, where does Flynn find himself?

Back to his comfort zone!

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