Monday, September 16, 2013

Raiders vs. Broncos

All Raider fans hate the Broncos, that's a given. One thing is certain for Sunday's game at Mile High Stadium is this: we must sustain drives, we must convert red-zone opportunities into 6 points not 3; and we need to keep #18 on the sidelines.

The way you keep Peyton Manning on the sidelines is with a heavy dose of McFadden and Pryor, running the football.

Two weeks into the 2013-14 NFL season, the Raiders are the number one rushing team, averaging 198.5 yards per game. On the flip side, Denver has the number one defense against the run. The stat is misleading because Manning controls the clock and has the ability to keep his opponents offense grounded by dominating time of possession. Sustaining drives allows the Bronco defense to get valuable rest.

Sunday's game is reminiscent of last year's contest against the high-flying, (at the time) undefeated Falcons in the Georgia Dome. The Raiders played their best defensive game of the season, picking off 'Matty Ice' three times in the first half. Unfortunately, due to a pick-6 thrown late in the game, the Raiders came up on the short end and lost 23-20.

Ball control is the name of the game if we're to have any chance against Eli Manning's older brother.

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Monday, September 9, 2013

To Pseudo Raider Fans

To the fair-weather, bandwagon-jumping, Raider fans... you didn't give up so early last season with sorry azz Carson Palmer as our starter, why the negative energy now?

Palmer has SUCKED his ENTIRE career, yet you fickle'd Raider fans were jockin' him from day one. Talking about, "what a big arm he has, he has a cannon for an arm." He sure does, whether he throws it to his team or the opponent, at the most inopportune times, didn't seem to matter. This was not just the last two seasons with the Raiders, it's applicable to Palmer's career as an under .500 QB (last I checked his career win/loss percentage was about .433, and that's only going to go DOWN).

Pryor plays his rear off, surpassing ALL expectations, and you wusses still complain.

Terrelle Pryor should have started last season, as he outplayed Carson Palmer in pre-season, but there was no QB competition. If Pryor had that year under his belt, he would be just as good, if not better, than Cam Newton, RG3 (who can't stay healthy, if you followed his college career, he took big hits and some games would limp or stagger off and back on the field), Russell Wilson, Andrew Luck, and a few others.

High School, College, and now the NFL, when Pryor is on the field, he's usually the most outstanding athlete out there, and many of his opponents are in agreement, just ask Andrew Luck. From, "I'll tell you, Terrelle Pryor is a stud," Luck said. "He made some unbelievable plays."

He does this EVERY GAME. Therefore, if you are a true Raiders fan, ACT LIKE IT and stop being critical after ONE GAME. Again, most Raider fans supported CP, why can't you get behind TP?

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Terrelle Pryor: Your Time To Shine

This is Terrelle's time to shine. I really hope he steps up to the plate and takes complete charge of the offense. His performance in the first few games of this season will either make or break his NFL career.

I actually made a phone call to the Raider front office today, to lend my support for Mr. Pryor. There are a plethora of naysayers and doubting-Thomas's out there that feel TP won't be able to guide and direct a team.

Pryor has the talent and the mentality to succeed. If Russel Wilson, Andrew Luck, Cam Newton, RG3, Matt Ryan, Joe Flaco, all succeeded in their initial campaigns as starters, there's no reason Terrelle Pryor can't do likewise.

In spite of the poor o-line, I believe the Raider offense can move the ball, especially if McFadden and Ford stay healthy. It's the defense I'm worried about. Can they consistently hold opponents under 20-25 points?

Thousands of diehard Raider fans are rooting for your success Mr. Pryor, don't let us down.