Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Terrelle Pryor: Your Time To Shine

This is Terrelle's time to shine. I really hope he steps up to the plate and takes complete charge of the offense. His performance in the first few games of this season will either make or break his NFL career.

I actually made a phone call to the Raider front office today, to lend my support for Mr. Pryor. There are a plethora of naysayers and doubting-Thomas's out there that feel TP won't be able to guide and direct a team.

Pryor has the talent and the mentality to succeed. If Russel Wilson, Andrew Luck, Cam Newton, RG3, Matt Ryan, Joe Flaco, all succeeded in their initial campaigns as starters, there's no reason Terrelle Pryor can't do likewise.

In spite of the poor o-line, I believe the Raider offense can move the ball, especially if McFadden and Ford stay healthy. It's the defense I'm worried about. Can they consistently hold opponents under 20-25 points?

Thousands of diehard Raider fans are rooting for your success Mr. Pryor, don't let us down.