Thursday, November 28, 2013

Pissed Raider Fan

There is no reason Matt McGloin should have started the Thanksgiving Day game against Dallas. He had a decent first half but fumbled the ball inside the Raider 10-yard-line, which led to the Cowboys first score. 

Challenge my loyalty all you want (that's why I have my own Raider's blog to say what the heck I want to say), right is right, and what the Raiders are doing by benching Pryor is not right (and his name was not on the teams injury report so he's no longer suffering from the knee sprain that kept him out of the Houston game).

The commentator Jim Nance mentioned, "Matt McGloin was watching the game at home last Thanksgiving with his family, now his family gets to watch him." Well, what about Pryor's family? 

Just as McGloin fumbled the snap that led to a Dallas TD, Pryor should be allowed to make those same type of mistakes that all inexperienced QB's make.

It's 14:20 to go in the game, Dallas has scored 14 unanswered points to make the score 28-21. The Raiders have not scored in the second half, which is similar to what they have done all season. This pattern would suggest there's more of a coaching issue (making adjustments) than it is a QB issue.

The loss is not all McGloin's fault, he played well in the first half but did not produce in the second half. The Raider defense, in the second half, was shredded by the Dallas running game. Also, Oakland committed a few of their typical, bone-headed, 15-yard penalties, which certainly didn't help. 

So tell me, what will McGloin get out of this loss? He will gain experience. 

The same experience that Pryor would have acquired had he been given the opportunity to start. Matt McGloin is now 1-2 as the starter. His only win came against the woeful Houston Texans who have lost 9 straight games. 

Longest play of the day for the Raiders was 35 yards. Pryor usually runs for at least that on one play. Jacoby Ford was clearly covered in the end zone, McGloin throws the ball anyway, and it's an I-N-T. 

The Raiders 24 points included 7 points scored when Greg Jenkins recovered a fumble on the opening kickoff and returned it for a touchdown. Therefore, Matt McGloin was responsible for 17 points, 7 for Dallas when he fumbled, and one interception. Final result, a 31-24 LOSS.

Play Pryor or trade him because he's much better than a bench warmer.

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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Start Pryor or Trade Him

I'm not happy with the possibility that the Raiders are not going to give Pryor a chance to succeed and fail .. that's how we learn. Furthermore, Pryor is not a gimmick QB. He is no Tim Tebow.

Look at Cam Newton's 2nd year, not that great, and look what he's doing now in his 3rd season as a starter. Look at RG3's 1st year and look what he's doing now, he's struggling but still has the opportunity to learn on the football field. Most young QB's will go through phases.

Matt McGloin is an undrafted free agent from Penn State. He was not drafted for a reason. Certainly, there have been free agents that have excelled at the QB position but they needed time to develop. So the Raider organization appears to be leaning toward giving McGloin the much needed playing time to develop rather than Pryor. TP has sat on the bench, the past two years, caused no problems on or off the field, and this is how they repay him.

Pryor is going to make mistakes but he needs to be able to make mistakes (on a mediocre team) without having to worry about losing his job .. Pryor runs RINGS around McGloin, regardless of his ability to pass from the pocket or not .. 

Pryor is a playmaker .. very few QB's in the history of the game can sprint 93 yards and pull away from everyone on the field .. that type of talent SHOULD NOT BE ON THE BENCH... PERIOD..

*** Note to the Raiders .. if you're not going to play Pryor, TRADE HIM! Don't force him to linger on the bench. Trade him to a team that will allow his talent to rise to the top!

Video: Terrelle Pryor, Raiders Quarterback