Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Start Pryor or Trade Him

I'm not happy with the possibility that the Raiders are not going to give Pryor a chance to succeed and fail .. that's how we learn. Furthermore, Pryor is not a gimmick QB. He is no Tim Tebow.

Look at Cam Newton's 2nd year, not that great, and look what he's doing now in his 3rd season as a starter. Look at RG3's 1st year and look what he's doing now, he's struggling but still has the opportunity to learn on the football field. Most young QB's will go through phases.

Matt McGloin is an undrafted free agent from Penn State. He was not drafted for a reason. Certainly, there have been free agents that have excelled at the QB position but they needed time to develop. So the Raider organization appears to be leaning toward giving McGloin the much needed playing time to develop rather than Pryor. TP has sat on the bench, the past two years, caused no problems on or off the field, and this is how they repay him.

Pryor is going to make mistakes but he needs to be able to make mistakes (on a mediocre team) without having to worry about losing his job .. Pryor runs RINGS around McGloin, regardless of his ability to pass from the pocket or not .. 

Pryor is a playmaker .. very few QB's in the history of the game can sprint 93 yards and pull away from everyone on the field .. that type of talent SHOULD NOT BE ON THE BENCH... PERIOD..

*** Note to the Raiders .. if you're not going to play Pryor, TRADE HIM! Don't force him to linger on the bench. Trade him to a team that will allow his talent to rise to the top!

Video: Terrelle Pryor, Raiders Quarterback