Monday, September 29, 2014

Derek Carr Bites!

**** Will Will and Mike B from Facebook **** 2-3 months from now, we will revisit this conversation and I'll be able to tell you both: I TOLD YOU SO .. CARR IS A BUMMMMMMMM!

Derek Carr is no better than his brother David Carr .. I'll list his stats as a Senior at Fresno State in another blog post.

Also, it's already known around the NFL, blitz Carr, and he's done. Teams had to game-plan around T. Pryor, if you blitzed him too many times, you would be looking at his backside.

  • Wil Wil I think time will tell its not that he is making rookie mistakes but our offensive line need to step up

  • B.e. Shaw Sr. Bakie .. the dude SUCKS .. he wasn't even that good his senior year in college, he had a good jr. season, but he wasn't impressive his sr year at Fresno State ...

    We have no shot at the playoffs, it makes no sense to win 4-5 games, we need to have the number one overall pick and draft Jameis Winston ... his minor issues off the field are nothing (and he was only accused of rape, not charged, as anyone can be accused, just ask Ben Rothlisb... twice accused) .. the dude throws DARTS, he's a competitor and a winner and probably won't choke under pressure..

  • Wil Wil Winston's not the answer.....This is on the coach and both lines

  • B.e. Shaw Sr. Carr sucks! PERIOD .. The coach needs to go to .. and I don't know why they didn't give Pryor a chance .. he's way better than the GARBAGE QBs on the Raider roster right now

  • B.e. Shaw Sr. Winston is the type of player that makes his teammates better .. Carr does not have that attribute .. Carr is not going to get in a receiver's face and tell him he's screwing up ... Jameis will

  • Mike Bodourian Every year, Raider fans cry for the "savior" #1 overall rookie sensation quarterback out of college. This is not the answer and Winston cannot succeed in Oakland. The O. line is horrible. You have no running game and the defense believes it's two hand touch. Start next week and dump the G.M. and head coach. That's the start in a new direction. Go Silver and Black...bring back some tradition!!

  • Gordon Rupe Oakland is my hometown, all I can do is hang my head low and wear the scarlet numbers of 0-4

  • B.e. Shaw Sr. so if we have the #1 overall pick, you're passing on Jameis, is that correct? and you're holding on to Carr?

  • Wil Wil So I'm going to rape and steal crab legs on top of make inappropriate comments in a assembly just to make you better. Yes we agree get rid of the coach but how many boiler makers have you had?

  • B.e. Shaw Sr. Winston's accuracy is impeccable, and if the Raiders have the opportunity to draft him and they pass on him, that's going to be a monumental mistake .. say what you will, we will have to just AGREE to DISAGREE ... CARR IS A BUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM

  • B.e. Shaw Sr. and Will .. Jameis was ACCUSED of rape .. JUST LIKE Ben Roethlisberger

  • B.e. Shaw Sr. no one broaches the subject of Ben's accusations, but Winston's will follow him for the rest of his life .. you should be ashamed of yourself for playing into that, ESPECIALLY being a BLACK MAN yourself!

  • Mike Bodourian I'm a Bulldog alum and season ticket holder. I liked Carr in school, but not drinking the NFL cool-aid like most people in town. I say take the top pick and trade down for multiple picks. The Raiders have sooo many needs right now just to be contending. Look at the QB's who succeed that were taken in second or third rounds. Would you take Jay Cutler over Carr right now?? Just sayin'...

  • B.e. Shaw Sr. What does Jay Cutler have to do with the price of tea in China? I'm saying Carr is a BUST and if Jameis is on the board and the Raiders pass him up, they are FOOLS .. you're introducing red herrings by bringing up Jay Cutler .. Carr is not a starting QB in the NFL, not now, not EVER .. his brother was a better NFL QB than he is .... we could have kept Pryor and would have won at least 1 game this season .. defenses had to game plan for Pryor's speed and if he had to, he could throw the long ball - yes - he needed to work on his accuracy, but he's still better than the GARBAGE that we have now ..

  • Wil Wil OK Ben and Winston is two dif situations. Ben was already in the league. Winston has to get there its no black or white thing you have to be there first. That is just like Sam openly gay but do you think he is really the only one. Let's be facetious..