Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Sad Day For Raider Nation

I'm watching ESPN's "Number Never Lie," hosted by Michael Smith and Jemele Hill. Smith mentioned the new ESPN NFL Power Rankings and only talked about the top half of the 32 teams and a few teams like the Chiefs, Saints, and Falcons who sit at 19-21 respectively.

Of course the Raiders are rarely mentioned on Sports Center, Numbers Never Lie, First Take, or NFL Insiders. We were in the news last week when former Raiders coach Dennis Allen was "fired on his day off" (Fridays, "how you get fired on your day off Craig?" "They got me on video, say I was stealing boxes." "Stealing boxes, what you tryin' to build, a clubhouse?") ..

I digress with a little dialogue from the comedy "Fridays," starring Ice Cube and Chris Tucker because there is no way to defend my embarrassing Raiders. We are the laughing stock of the NFL, which is why we need to stay in the 32nd ranked position of all the NFL Power Rankings, that way, we're first in line for the number one overall pick in the 2015 NFL draft.

Complete the reclamation project by FIRING GENERAL MANAGER REGGIE MCKENZIE, who has absolutely no clue what the hell he is doing. Start rebuilding with Jameis Winston, current Florida State QB. Yes, he's had a few off-the-field incidents but so far, he's not been charged with anything. He was accused of rape, there was no evidence of anything except consensual sex, which is why the matter never went to court. Pittsburgh Steelers' signal caller, Ben Roethlisberger has been accused of TWO rapes, never charged, he's still playing, and the accusations are NEVER mentioned before, during, or after an interview.

Derek Carr has about the same skills as his brother, former NFL journeyman David Carr. D.C. is not the answer at quarterback for the Silver and Black. He is not a leader on the field and does not lead by example. You can't be intimidated by some of your teammates and expect them to show you any respect, especially if you're not "balling."

Terrelle Pryor was a better overall QB, much more dangerous on the field, and more of a leader than Derek Carr will ever be. Pryor is currently the quarterback of the BC Lions in the Canadian Football League. Maybe he will win a couple of Grey Cups and make it back to the NFL, like Warren Moon and a few other QBs. Pryor deserves another shot.