Monday, August 31, 2015

Carr May Not Be the Answer

Here are the stats for Derek Carr, Sunday night against the Arizona Cardinals.

Passing, 18/34, 213 yards, 6.3 average, TD = 0, INT = 1 and the one (INT) interception was a pick-6 thrown in the redzone, in the 3rd quarter against the Cardinals backups; against guys trying to make the roster.

With Amari Cooper, Michael Crabtree, and Latavius Murray, and a defense led by Khalil Mack (dude is a beast), if we had a decent QB, with the O-line that we have, the Silver and Black would do some damage in the AFC.

Pseudo Raider fans ('pseudo' because it's obvious they don't really care to put a team on the field, led by a QB with a winning attitude and a leader's spirit) and even so-called NFL experts, have praised Derek Carr while he's not proved a damn thing on the football field.

You have to wonder why this is the case.

Maybe the unwarranted accolades stem from the fact that he's considered a "pocket passer." Or maybe it's because he throws a tight spiral (which means ZERO if your passes are going to the opponent or consistently falling incomplete). Many of his passes, especially if the pressure is on, are thrown falling away, thrown off the wrong foot, and often, his feet are not set.

Last season against the Patriots, on the road, the Raider's defense had the team in position for the upset, Carr throws and interception to a d-lineman (who rarely pick off passes) to end the game, again, in the redzone (or they may have been 5-10 yards outside the redzone).

I hope I'm wrong, but Derek Carr appears to be a BUST in the making. Hopefully, it won't take the Raiders organization to realize it and move forward.