Tuesday, September 22, 2015

1-1 Headed to Cleveland

Me and a buddy, Valerie, a diehard Browns fan (yea, IKR), have a small wager on game 3 of the NFL Season.

My Raiders will visit the "Dawg Pound" with both teams coming off an unexpected victory. We're not sure if Josh McCown or Johnny Manziel will start but hopefully Josh will have recovered from being concussed. I say that because, historically, the Raiders have had problems with mobile quarterbacks.

Granted, we have more speed on defense so Johnny 'Football' might not be a problem and we should be able to take advantage of his inexperience.

I'm not sure what to make of the turnaround from week 1 to 2; we looked like garbage in all phases against the Bengals. This past Sunday, we appeared to be a totally different team.

Honestly, as you can see in my August 31st blog entitled, "Carr May Not Be the Answer," I was really down on Derek. I didn't think he was the answer at QB and the jury's still out. 

However, what I saw against Baltimore is that the coaching staff has streamlined the play-calling and added plays that have Carr getting rid of the ball quickly while utilizing the talents of Crabtree and Cooper, in the short passing game, while occasionally going deep. This type of attack is what made Rich Gannon successful with the Raiders.

Latavius Murray ran well, just needs to be given the ball a bit more. I'd also like to see Taiwan Jones utilized more out of the backfield. We need his speed in the open field. Aldon Smith is not playing with the tenacity he displayed as a 49er; maybe he needs to work himself in shape. Khalil Mack needs to step up his game. I'm not sure about the position change from LB to DE. Mack was unstoppable last year at linebacker, why the change?

But, a win is a win so there are no complaints. We're facing a team in the Browns that have struggled just as we have. This is a victory that the Silver and Black need. We need to put two victories together and even though we'll be on the road, this is our chance to win back to back games for the first time in a long time.