Sunday, September 13, 2015

Raider Fans - Don't Settle for Mediocrity

Watching NFL Redzone, you get to see every touchdown of every game and for eight hours, there are no commercials.

As my Raiders were getting the crap beat out of them, RedZone cut to the Raiders - Bengals debacle.

The only reason they would show the Raiders in a blowout loss was because Marcel Reese caught a TD pass from Matt McGloin. To Marcel's credit, he did no celebrating, just tossed the ball to the official and trotted off the field.

They show the Raider's crowd and the few fans that were left (I'm sure quite inebriated) were hi-5-ing one another, clapping, and had smiles on their faces. Obviously, they were celebrating the fact that the Raiders avoided the shutout but to me, you're settling for mediocrity.

Those fans, paid their hard-earned money to see a respectable football game and they got garbage! What is there to celebrate?

It's hard being an Oakland Raider's fan. It's been extremely difficult since the Tampa Bay Bucs spanked us in the 2002 Super Bowl. It's frustrating, it gets your week off to a bad start, and it's humiliating.

I have a good friend who is a diehard Cleveland Browns fan. Like me and my Raiders, she's from Cleveland and have followed the Browns religiously for the past couple of decades. I've been an ardent Oakland Raiders fan since I was 6 years of age. So for the past several decades I've followed the Silver and Black.

I'm speechless. I really don't know what to say. You want to believe that it's only the first game and we can bounce back. You want to believe that.
However, Cincinnati is not that good. We made Andy Dalton look like Tom Brady; he's not that good.

To make matters worse, future hall-of-famer Charles Woodson gets injured with one minute left in the game. I'm not sure why he was even playing at that particular time.

Oh well, wish I could be Jack Del Rio for a day, because I would lose my voice cursing players OUT!!!