Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Don't Question My Loyalty

Why do some Raider fans question Raider loyalty when Carr's inability to produce in the RedZone is questioned? His 40% rating in the RedZone (the 2nd worst in the NFL, behind only Johnny Manziel) speaks for itself.

As a die-hard Raider's fan for over 40 years, I simply want to win.

Other positions aren't producing as well, but the QB is the team leader and if he's good, makes everyone, specifically on the offense, BETTER... and so far, Carr has not proven that he can do that..

I want the Raiders to win, but the jury is still out on Derek Carr. My only problem with pseudo Raider fans and some misinformed media, is that you have crowned D. Carr, the next Dan Marino or Phillip Rivers (who is a perennial loser by the way, regardless of his stats) and Carr has not even been in the league long enough, and certainly not WON enough to be given such a pass.Last week there were comparisons between Carr and Bridgewater because both are 2nd year starting QB's.

Carr's stats are better than Teddy B's, however, Bridgewater won more games last year, after not starting the season as the Vikings starting QB (and without the services of Adrian Peterson), and he has his team at 7-3 this season, tied for first in the NFC North. Stats mean nothing if you're not winning.

The proof is in the pudding .. JUST WIN BABY .. and at this point, Derek Carr cannot be labeled a WINNER.

You give the QB most of the accolades when his team WINS, therefore, he must take the lion's share of the blame when his team LOSES... plain and simple..