Sunday, November 1, 2015

Silver and Black are Back

It's the 3rd quarter, 3:01 remaining, the score is 31-13 Raiders. Too bad for Fitzpatrick, he should not have been trying to run. However, Geno Smith hasn't played that bad. Be that as it may, let's keep the pressure on, keep moving the rock.

The Silver and Black have scored, so far, on 5 of 6 possessions, not counting the kneel-down before halftime. Marquette King still has not punted. To this point, the Raider possessions have been:

Start: Own 22, 10 Plays, 78 Yards, TD
Start: Own 24, 10 Plays, 76 Yards, TD
Start: Own 22, 05 Plays, 78 Yards, TD
Start: Own 35, 07 Plays, 31 Yards, Missed FG
Start: Own 13, 01 Plays, 01 Yards, Halftime
Start: Own 07, 06 Plays, 93 Yards, TD

I was wrong about Carr. He's a baller!
Carr spreads the ball around quite well as he continues his outstanding second season. He's making the smart plays as well, not forcing anything, throwing the ball away when nothing is there (333 yards passing, 4 TDs). The running game is solid, we're eliminating the silly mistakes, and at least in the first half, the defense is playing lights out. 

We didn't get our first offensive penalty until the start of the 4th quarter, and just to show you how disastrous mistakes are, Hudson's "hands-to-the-face" penalty, killed a potential TD drive, but we still got the 3 points - 47-yarder from Janokowski.

David Amerson (#29 CB, Age: 23, from N. C. State), where did he come from? Good clean shot on Geno Smith. Second penalty on defense for "hands-to-the-face," which is such an unnecessary penalty.

Another Jet QB down, Ray-Ray Armstrong POPS Geno, and he's down for the count. Silver and Black, the QB-killers!

Final Score: Raiders 34, Jets 20

Charles Woodson Wines