Thursday, December 24, 2015

Charles Woodson's Last Game in Oakland

4th quarter, 7.5 minutes taken off the clock and the Chargers come away with no points.

Seven minutes to go, the Raiders have gone 3 and out on their last 4-5 drives, it's time for Carr to step up and prove that he should be a starter in the NFL. They get the ball on their own 35-yard-line; decent field position. Another 3 and out, coupled with a declined holding penalty. Lots of false start penalties in this game against the Raiders. The defense has played well the last few games but the offense and Jack Del Rio overall, has done a piss-poor job.

San Diego's defense is not that good. 5 minutes to go in the game, Chargers have the ball and the Raider D makes a play. Malcolm Smith strips David Johnson and Benson Mayowa (3rd-year player out of Idaho rumbles to the Charger 3-yard-line. Carr hits Crabtree on a 3-yard-fade route. 8th TD of the season for Crabtree, 79 catches on the season. Raiders convert the 2-pt conversion.

The score is 20-20 with 0:55 to go, Raiders have 2 timeouts. Again, enough time to get in FG range; does Carr have it in him? 49 seconds to go after the kickoff, ball on the Raider 30. 1st down he throws the ball underneath for a shot gain, 2nd down intentional grounding. 3rd down and 22 yards for a first down, 30 seconds to go in regulation. 10 second runoff because of the penalty, 20 seconds to go. I'm pretty sure the announcers are pissed because unless you're a Charger or Raiders fan, two teams going no where, this game bites. Really two bad teams.

OT and you can tell that Jim Nantz and Phil Simms are not happy with this overtime. They could be on a plane right now. It would be different if it were two playoff contenders. But I'm a diehard Raiders fan and we won the toss. Lets go DEREK CARR !!! Gotta pause the DVR and get me some salsa and chips. BRB. Donald Penn (72) needs to go, he's always holding, always getting some type of penalty. 2nd and 14 in OT, another holding penalty after a long completion. This time it's Marcus Webb. 12 penalties over 100 yards. Make that 13, "false start # 68 offense," 2nd and 29. This is coaching. Defenseless receiver (actually a good hit on Crabtree), leading with crown of helmet, automatic first down for the Raiders. Gee whiz!

It's now midnight, Merry Christmas, the game should have been over. We need this win because this is future hall of famer Charles Woodson's last home game. Lets win it for Charles!

Carr's credit, he hit Holmes in the endzone for the game winner and he could not hold on. Another false start, it's now 3rd down and 8. On a deflected pass, Seth Roberts catches the pass, Raiders in the RED ZONE. Woodson came in the game on offense, looking to throw back to Car.. but the Charger were ready ... smart of Woodson not to throw the ball, 3-yard-loss. Tough catch if Crab would have caught it, but should have, another good pass by Carr. 3rd and goal. Delay of game on the offense, ball on the 18 yarrd line, 3rd and goal, but we're still in FG range, don't turn it over. Carr scrambles to the 12-yard-line, 31-yard FG good by Janokowski. We have to keep the Chargers out of the end zone. I predict the defense will win this game!!!

OT 8:05 .. I don't know the outcome and I'm caught up on the DVR .. Lets go RAIDERS!!!

Chargers have the ball:
  • 1st down: incomplete
  • 2nd down: 5 yards for Woodhead
  • 3rd down: 2 yard pass to Woodhead
  • 4th down: (Rivers calls a timeout .. dayuuummm, this turned out to be a good game) INCOMPLETE .. RAIDERS WIN.. WOODSON DOUSED WITH GATORADE !!!! yes!!!!!!!!!!

I'll ease up on Carr... he didn't play well, but he did not lose the game.

Watching the post game interview with Woodson and his two sons... priceless!