Sunday, December 20, 2015

Collusion Against the Black QB in the NFL

This article is entitled, "Collusion Against the Black QB in the NFL." To extrapolate on the theme of this post, there's no way to discard the proverbial, "race card."

The definition of collusion is, "secret or illegal cooperation or conspiracy, especially in order to cheat or deceive others." So I'll start by throwing some names out of a few black college QB's who were gridiron legends of their time.

  • Charlie Ward: Heisman Trophy (1993), Consensus All-American (1993), National Championship (1993), ACC Athlete of the Year (1993, 1994), Davey O'Brien Award winner, Major League Baseball draftee.

    Subliminal messages, such as this one on are used to lure NFL Scouts toward lesser talented QB's - not saying that Doughty is not a decent college QB, but African American collegiate QBs that have played well deserve this same type of press, and not just the one Heisman Trophy candidate.
    Ward holds the second-largest margin of victory in the history of Heisman trophy balloting, with a 1,622 point difference, second only to O.J. Simpson's 1,750 point win in 1968. This was clearly an indication of how much better he was than his peers. Ward made the comment (in hindsight, probably should not have, but it's no excuse for the NFL), before the NFL draft that he "deserved to be a 1st round pick," and was not sure if he would play in the NBA or the NFL if he were not selected in the first round.

    NFL great, and hall-of-famer John Elway, coming out of Stanford, also played a second sport - Baseball - but was drafted in the first round and went on to have a stellar NFL career (Elway now works as General Manager of the Denver Broncos). The primary excuse NFL Scouts used against Ward was that he was too small; he is 6'2" tall. Doug Flutie played several years in the NFL, he stands at 5'10" tall (closer to 5'9"). Andy Dalton and a few other current NFL QB's are also 6'2" in height.

    If you followed Charlie Ward's career at FSU, he was a quicker, faster version of Joe Montana; not considered a "running QB" but could run quite effectively if needed. There is no doubt, Ward should have been a first round pick in the 1994 NFL draft. Ward spent 12 seasons in the NBA, 10 with the Knicks and the final two with the Spurs and Rockets. In February 2014, Ward accepted the head coaching position at Booker T. Washington High School in Pensacola, Florida.

  • Willie "Satellite" Totten: four-year starter at Mississippi Valley State University between 1981 and 1985. Totten's main target for those four years was the 'GOAT', NFL receiver and hall-of-famer Jerry Rice.

    Willie was not drafted by the NFL, he played most of his career in the CFL and the Arena Football League. His only time in the NFL was as a replacement player for the Buffalo Bills during the strike-shortened 1987 NFL season.

    First Team All-American in 1984. Set more than 50 Division I-AA passing records. His team averaged 59 points per game. Totten threw for a record 58 touchdowns in one year. He is Division I-AA's all-time leader and ranks second in career passing yards (12,711) and single-season passing yards (4,557 in 1984). Twice led the nation in passing efficiency.

    Willie Totten currently works as the quarterbacks coach for Alabama A&M in the SWAC.

  • Major Harris: three years at West Virginia; 'Passing Efficiency Rating' for those years:

    1987 - 128.6; 1988 - 159.2; 1989 - 142.4.

    Major was a bigger version of Michael Vick, with the same arm strength but not the speed of Vick. Harris had a powerful arm, was not considered a "running QB" but when he ran, he ran with the authority of a fullback.

    Harris was a 1989 All American and finished fifth and third in the Heisman Trophy voting in 1988 and 1989, respectively. He was also the ECAC Player of the Year in 1988 and 1989. He is now an assistant wide receiver coach for North Hills High School.

  • Condredge Holloway: From, "The phone rings, it's George Wallace on the phone, wanting him [Holloway] to go to Alabama," recalled Ray Trail, the Tennessee assistant who recruited Holloway. "He came back and he said 'Coach can you believe that? George Wallace, the guy that stood on the steps of the university and said there will never be a black guy enter the University of Alabama, calls me'. "

    "Both Alabama and Auburn were interested in Holloway. Neither wanted him as a quarterback. The late Coach Paul "Bear" Bryant was brutally frank with him, admitting Alabama wasn't ready for a black quarterback."

    Condredge Holloway was drafted in the 12th round by the New England Patriots, who told him he'd be the goal-line quarterback. He opted for the Canadian Football League, where he won two titles, became an MVP and was inducted into the league's Hall of Fame.

    ESPN Films - Color of Orange: Condredge Holloway
There are dozens more black quarterbacks who were more than qualified to be starters in the National Football League, if given the opportunity. Over the past several decades, hundreds of superior black college athletes, who played the QB position, if they wanted to get on with an NFL team, were forced to change positions.

The clandestine reason the NFL is making it a penalty to hit the QB high, low or a split second late, is to preserve the 'pocket passer', aka the 'white quarterback'. And these 'protected' QB's, if they are cut from a team, are usually the first to be called for a backup role.

Am I over-exaggerating? Let's take a look at a few of the backups around the league that (in my humble opinion) should not even be in the NFL.

  • Brandon Weeden: Weeden was the Cowboys backup to about the midway point of this 2015-16 season. After Tony Romo went down with an injury and Wheaton couldn't win a game, the Cowboys brought in Matt Cassel and released Brandon Weeden. Well, guess what, Houston QB T.J. Yates gets injured today (12/20/2015) and who is his backup? That's right, Brandon Weeden.

  • Matt Schaub: Baltimore Raven starter (and Super Bowl winner) Joe Flaco goes down with a season-ending injury and Matt Schaub (who was literally run out of Houston in 2013, spent one season with the Raiders on the bench, in 2014) started a couple games as his backup. When the Ravens realized Schaub sucks, the starter for Baltimore (wait for it), Jimmy Clausen, who sports fans may remember, stunk-it-up at Notre Dame.

  • Case Keenum: current starter with the St. Louis Rams is 27 years old and must be in good with the front offices of the Texans and the Rams... get this: Houston Texans (2012–2013); St. Louis Rams (2014); Houston Texans (2014); St. Louis Rams (2015–present).

  • Blaine Gabbert: between 2011 and 2013, Gabbert was atrocious with the Jacksonville Jaguars. After the San Francisco 49ers benched Colin Kaepernick (who took the team to the Super Bowl win they had a decent coach - Jim Harbaugh), Blaine Gabbert is now the starting signal caller for the 49ers.

The list is much longer for recycled, inadequate quarterbacks that shouldn't even be in the league.

Daunte Culpepper, Vince Young, Donovan McNabb, all had good careers with Minnesota, Tennessee Titans, and Philadelphia Eagles/Washington Redskins respectively. Neither was given a fair chance to stick as a backup with another team. You can't tell me that these guys would be so talented at QB, run into some problems with their first team, and can no longer play the position, even as a backup.

I'll close with former Raider's QB, Terrelle Pryor. Pryor lost his starting job after being injured, to undrafted Penn State QB Matt McGloin. There is no way on God's green earth that Matt should have remained the starter. The coaching staff stated they wanted to see what Matt has, ignoring Pryor and not giving him an opportunity to 'develop' as so many white QB's are afforded. Pryor set the record for the longest run in NFL history for a QB, 93-yards against the Pittsburgh Steelers in a game the Raiders won.

Terrelle Pryor played in 1 game in 2011, 3 games in 2012, and 11 games in 2013. He was traded to Seattle after the 2013 season and released before the start of the 2014 season. He's had a couple other opportunities to catch on with other teams but no team has given this man a chance to develop as an NFL quarterback. At 6'4" 233 lbs, he ran a 4.3 40-yard-dash. Pryor has the same physical attributes and ability to take over a game as a Cam Newton, if given the opportunity. He's since changed his position to wide receiver and was recently resigned by the Cleveland Browns due to injuries at the wide-out position.

Some readers may not agree with the fact that there has been collusion against the black QB in the NFL (no doubt split along racial lines, kind of like the OJ verdict). Why? Because throughout the history of racism in America, no one has ever or will ever, openly admit to racist tactics - no one. The only people that admit to being racist are KKK members, Skinheads, Neo-Nazis, and other 'hate groups'. Truth be told, I have more respect for those people than a closet racist because at least they tell the truth.