Saturday, December 24, 2016

DeAndre Washington

Deon Washington, the rookie from Texas Tech, scores first two touchdowns of NFL career, both 22-yard TD sprints (final stats for Deon: 12 rushes, 99 yards, 2 TDs). The o-line is protecting Carr bigtime and opening up gape-ing holes for Deandre.

Derek Carr suffers broken fibula - out indefinitely.

Raiders have a fierce 3-headed monster with Murray, Washington, and Jalen Richard. We need one more long drive, topped off with 7 points. 33-14 Raiders, start of the 4th quarter.

We need to clean up the penalties. Holding and illegal procedures, put us in a 3rd down and long situation, Carr tries to scramble, he's sacked, and now has an ankle injury that does not look good. Matt McGloin as a backup is useless. We should have invested in a decent backup QB. If Carr can't play, I say we get Connor Cook ready to go.

OK, 1st down Raiders at the 2 minute warning, pass from McGloin to Cooooooooooop! That sealed the W, Colts have no more timeouts. Raiders win, 33-25. 12 and 3 for the season, if the Broncos cand knock off the Chiefs, we win the division title and get a first round playoff bye.

Friday, December 16, 2016

4 (possibly 3) Wins to the Title

Our Raiders have had two winning streaks this season. We won 3 in a row with victories over the Titans, Ravens, and Chargers. After our second loss of the season to the Chiefs, we ran off 6 W's in a row by defeating the Jaguars, Buccaneers, Broncos, Texans, Panthers, and a nice comeback victory against the Bills.

KC broke our win streak once again on Thursday, Dec 8th, but that's OK. We needed to get that loss out of the way and move forward.

The goal now, go on another 6-game win streak to the title. A win Sunday at San Diego (our home away from home) will start it off (update: we won). Christmas eve, we should handle Luck and the Colts, in Oakland (update: Colts dominated the Vikings, who were supposed to have a good D, so no longer referring to Indy as "punchless), and we close the season with a win at Mile High Stadium in Denver. Three more victories after that, we are the 2017 Super Bowl Champions.

****12/24/2016 Update: Two-game win streak, defeated Chargers and Colts (although Carr suffered an injury in the Colts game, McGloin finished the game) *** 4 wins to the title, 3 if the Broncos defeat the Chiefs on Sunday Night (12/25). We need to win the AFC West because that will give us a first round bye in the Playoffs and maybe an extra week for Carr to heal (if it's a fracture he's done till next season).

That's not as farfetched as it sounds, we can do this!!!

Sunday, December 11, 2016

We Got This!

The remaining 3 games for the Raiders are: at San Diego, we get the hapless Colts at home, and the final game against the Broncos, who don't have much of an offense. Unfortunately for Denver, Von Miller can't play QB.

The Titans defeated the Broncos today (12/11/2016), they are now sitting in the 6th seeded position and dropping fast, possibly out of the playoff picture altogether. Look at the Broncs remaining schedule: Patriots on 12/18, at the Chiefs on Christmas day and close out the season on New Years Day against the Silver & Black. It's a wrap for the donkeys!
The 2nd seeded Chiefs (see schedule) have it a little easier. They get the Titans (not a push-over by any means, just ask Denver) and Broncos at home, and their final game will be at San Diego (who can certainly play the spoiler role).

My prediction:
  • The Raiders go 3-0 to close out the season with a 13-3 record.
  • The Chiefs win 1 of their remaining 3 games, end the season with a 11-5 record.  
  • Who cares what the Broncos do..
  • New England has the Ravens at home on Monday Night (12/12). Dec 18th, Patriots are at Denver, then close out the season against the woeful Jets and the Dolphins who will be without QB Ryan Tannehill, out for the season with a torn ligament in his knee. Hopefully the Pats will lose to either the Ravens or the Broncos because it would be a full-blown miracle if the Jets or Dolphins beat em'. They need to lose one, Chiefs need to lose one, while we run the table. If we're number one seed in the AFC, we have a legit shot at playing in Houston on February 5, 2017.

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Raiders vs Chiefs - Game Time Blog

1st Quarter

Chiefs won the toss, they deferred, figured as much, so we need to set the tone, score on opening drive. Three and out, Crabtree could not handle, what looked like a catchable pass. Uh-oh, muffed punt, Raiders ball!!! We must convert this into 7. Backup LB James Cowser on the fumble recovery.

Good challenge by Andy Reid because doesn't look like Cooper dragged the second foot to stay in bounds. Commercial break. Two-feet in bounds, first down Oakland. 2nd down, Cooper fumbles, looks like he didn't quite have possession, ruled a fumble on the field, Del Rio challenged the play. Commercial break. No catch, incomplete pass! One thing about it, Chiefs offense has been sitting for a good while.

Seth Roberts drops a pass right in his hands. The Raiders have had major problems catching the ball. FG, 3-0 Raiders.

3rd down and 10 for the Chiefs and we give up a 39-yard-pass down field. 3rd down and 3, wildcat, didn't work, 4th and 1, Chiefs are disrespecting the Raiders and going for it, don't make it! We need to put up 7, put the Chiefs in a 10-0 hole. Good 1st down gain of 6, but Carr is sacked on 3rd down (had the ball out there like a loaf of bread, please watch out Derek). Raiders punt.

3rd and 5 for the Chiefs, lets get off the field. Travis Kelce, 1st down. False start Kelce, 1st and 15. 2nd and 14, looks like the Raiders are ready for that little quick out-pass. 3rd and 14, please get off the field. Ward jumps offside, 3rd and 9. Incomplete, 4th down, Chiefs punting. Three (3) and out and we are putting; field position is changing, 53-yard-punt but a good run-back, holding though, 10-yard penalty, puts the Chiefs back to their own 30-yard-line. 1st down, Jeremy Maclin, gain of 16. Need the defense to make a PLAY. TE Kelce, once again, running free in the secondary, 1st down Chiefs, Oakland 36-yard-line; end of 1st quarter.

2nd Quarter

2nd down 10, TD, Tyreek Hill, beats David Amerson, 7-3 Chiefs. We have to catch the ball and we must match their intensity. So far, the Raiders appear to be playing scared. We're not moving the ball against their defense and when we have the opportunity to make a play, we don't. 2nd and 4, Crabtree drops another pass. 3rd down, Carr scramble comes up 1-yard short, King punts for the 4th time. Crabtree is good, but he is too inconsistent with catching the ball. Hope we can get Pryor back as a WR in free agency. Crab hurts the team as much as he helps us.. not to mention, his drops tend to bounce off his pads because they go straight through his hands, creating a potential T.O. Catch the fu##ing ball!

3rd down and 6, gain of 28 yards to Kelce, again, it's like no one is covering this guy. 10-yard, holding penalty, 1st down and 20. 1st down to Conley, gain of 25, then the Raiders are hit with off-sides. We're playing like SHIT! And KC is not Buffalo.. We've been out-gained 202 yards to 27 yards. We can't get to Smith, 1st down and goal to Tyreek Hill. Smith has hit 6 diff receivers and thrown for over 200 yards with 9 minutes to go in the 1st half. TD Chiefs, 14-3. We're out-classed and over-matched so far.

If we don't put up 7 points on this next drive, with the Chiefs getting the ball first in the 2nd half, this game is OVER, and as I type this, we get our first penalty, false start.. that's good that it is only the first one but now is not the time. Another 3 and out, 5th punt for the Raiders.. to make matters worse, we punt, pin them inside the 20, false start on the punt, so we have to punt again to DANGEROUS Tyreek Hill.. and he returns the punt for 6, 21-3 Chiefs.

Only the Raiders second 1st down with 6 minutes to go in the 1st half. We finally get a sustained drive going, using up the last 6 and 1/2 minutes of the 1st half, 92-yard scoring drive - TD Murray, 21-10 at the half. By the way, Chiefs MLB Derrick Johnson is out for the game with an achilles injury and he is the QB of the defense... too bad, so sad.

3rd Quarter

Huge pick by Raiders DB TJ Carrie, ball on Chiefs 18-yard- line.. KC defense stiffens, we get a 33-yard FG, 21-13 Chiefs.

Khalil strikes again, strip sack, Raiders ball !! Ball on Chiefs 18-yard-line AGAIN.. We gotta get 7 points.. 1st down run by Murray; on 2nd down, holding. 1st and goal from the 17-yard-line. 2nd and goal from the 17. 3rd and goal, no gain on pass to Crabtree. 4th down, high snap, King tries to run with the ball, ZERO points. That's gonna hurt, two TOs in their own territory on the opening 2 drives of the half and we only have 3 points to show for it. That sucks! When we get another TO, the D needs to score.

Jihad Ward is called for a face-mask, 15-yard penalty; the same player who jumped off-sides in the 1st half. 1012 yards in penalties for the season (Raiders got a 10-yd holding penalty on the Chiefs punt). 3rd & 10, gotta get off the field. Kelce short of 1st down, 4th and 2, PLEASE watch the fake. Carr is not having one of his better games and the receivers are not getting open. We're punting again.

Defense has to make another play because we're not going to keep stopping Alex Smith and the Chiefs offense. Carr's MVP chances are quickly flying out the window because he is not stepping up in the biggest game of the season. Well, our D held again, Chiefs punt, Raiders ball on their own 15-yard-line. One first down, now punting from our 40-yard-line, fortunately the Chiefs were holding, otherwise they would have re-flipped field position. We can't do JACK offensively. To our good fortune, holding on Khalil Mack, Chiefs start the 4th quarter deep in their own territory. We sure could use another T.O.

4th Quarter

Ball on Chiefs 7-yad-line and they hit a double-covered Kelce, 1st down on Chiefs 41-yard-line. Ridiculous! Defense is getting tired and our LB's are not playing very well. TJ Carrie makes a play on 3rd down, Chiefs punt with 10:52 to go in the game. I'm sooooooo glad DJ Hayden is not playing because by now, he'd have at least 3 P.I. penalties against him. Keep that dude on the bench!

First down, Carr misses another receiver. Murray, 12-yard-gain, 1st down, 95-yards rushing on 19 carries. Punting again, Carr misses Cooper, Cooper stumbles, couldn't even make a play on the ball. Cooper is having a crappy game as well. Carr is having his worse game of the year, pretty much like he played the first time against the Chiefs. Andy Reid coached Carr in the Pro Bowl and I think he got into his head. If I'm Carr, I'm not talking to him, other than to discuss a play or two that he might want me to run. You don't need to know about my background, you don't need to know crap about me, keep your psycho-babble to yourself.. but Carr being a nice guy, conversed with Reid. I'd a told him to kiss-my-azz, you're the coach of my arch rivals and we play twice a year, you don't need to know JACK about me.

Chiefs 5th punt of the game, Raiders getting the ball with 7:25 to go, on their own 14-yard-line. We can go down, score and we must convert the 2-pt-conversion. Run the football!!!

4th down 4-yards to go, 1st down to Seth Roberts. 2:40 to go, under 3 minutes in the game. 3rd and 1 and we throw the ball, 4th and 1.. false start Raiders.. you gotta run the ball on 3rd and 1, esp. to run clock. Now it's 4th and 6 yards to go.. Batted away, incomplete.. KC ball with 1:56 left in the 4th. Horrible call to throw the ball on 4th and 1, especially since they had not been stopping the run. You have 2 shots to get 1 yard and we probably don't get the penalty. Well, at least our D stepped up and shut the Chiefs out in the second half. Not to worry, they will lose to the Titans next week.. mark my word.

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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Thursday Night Showdown in KC

Shout-out to the Planet Fitness Manager in Stone Mountain, GA.. diehard Raiders fan!

It goes without saying that Thursday's game against the Chiefs is the biggest game for the Raiders since the 2002-03 AFC Championship game; a 41-24 victory for the Silver & Black over the late Air McNair's Tennessee Titans. That was our 11th appearance in the AFC Champion, 4 wins and 7 losses.

I go back and forth with a good buddy of mine, Leonard, from KC, who is a lifetime Chief's fan (aka Cheaps). The dude talks major crap about his underachieving Cheaps. He calls the Raiders, "Faiders," a clever nickname but actually one more fitting for his team, as recent and past history clearly confirms the ineptitude of the Kansas City franchise.

The Raiders have appeared in 11 AFC Championship games which puts them 3rd overall in the AFC, behind Pittsburgh (15) and New England (12). The Cheaps are 0-1 in their only AFC Championship appearance in 1993. Their one and only SB win occurred in 1970; it was called the AFL back then. So clearly one can see who the real 'Faiders' are.

Now that the Raider D is starting to gel, and with the ability of the O to put up 30 pts per game, it's time to send a strong message to the NFL... 

We need to go into Kansas City and open up a MAJOR can-ah-whoop-ass! 

A loss Thursday won't doom our season, not in the least, because we're headed to the playoffs either way. However, a win will go a long way in having home field advantage throughout the Playoffs. If that happens, chances are, we meet Dallas in the 51st Super Bowl.

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Raiders Storm to 10-2 Record, Tops in AFC

Raiders turn it up in the second half, defeat the Bills 38-24. If we get home-field throughout the AFC Playoffs.... the Silver & Black could very well be headed to Houston.

Explosive offense, defense is getting better every week and we may be getting Aldon Smith back soon.

And Khalil Mack, the "Game Changer," caused a pick today (12/03/16 on Tyrod Taylor) and another strip-sack and fumble recovery to turn out the lights on the Buffalo Bills.

Jack Del Rio was almost at a loss for words at that the post-game press conference:

"Khalil Mack
is really making his mark on these ball-games.. that interception that he caused.. he just keeps showing up huge.. that's what great players do and he's a great player."

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Raiders vs Panthers

Strip sack, Khalil Mack to seal the deal!
This is going to be an in-game post. My boys are 8-2, top seed in the AFC and we control our own destiny, all the way to Houston. Win out, and we have home field throughout the AFC playoffs.

Needless to say, I'm extremely nervous, trying to relax, but it's going to be difficult. This is why I'm blogging, as a way to release the angst that comes with watching the Raiders. We're finally relevant after 15 years of struggle. We're finally talked about, in a good way, on ESPN, NFL Network, CBS Sports, Fox Sports, etc. We're no longer the butt of football inept jokes, that's totally reserved for the Cleveland Browns, God bless em'.

The Panthers are 4-6, not having the type of year everyone expected but with a healthy Cam Newton, they are a dangerous team.

Here we go, Carolina 3 and out on the first possession. Oakland along with Pittsburgh are the only two teams in the NFL that have not given up a first possession touchdown this season.

Black Hole Leap
Raiders first possession, 1st down..... Coooooooooop! Oh well, one first down, now we must punt.. Field position, Panthers at their own 10 after a nice 47-yard punt by the eccentric, yet talented Marquette King. DJ Hayden is starting at right-corner in place of the injured David Amerson.

It doesn't look like they are going to be able to run on us, so we gotta put pressure on Cam.. and just as I type this, Sean Smith drops a 'gift' from Cam. Doesn't matter so much, Panthers had to punt on 4th down after being stopped 1 yard shy of a first-down. Field position is in our favor, second drive starting around the 40-yard-line, we have to start putting the rock in the end zone. Go deep to Coooooooooop! Or not.. but we'll take the 32-yard dump off pass to Murray; next play 24 yards to Roberts... in the RED ZONE!

Derek Carr, 6 passes to 6 different receivers in the 1st quarter. TD Roberts !!!! 7-0 Raiders!

Carr was 9 for 9, would have been 10 for 10 but Crab drops the pass.. which is what he did all game long against the Texans - drop passes. Maybe rookie wideout Johnny Holton can replace Crab for awhile (overreaction on my part as Crabtree would more than redeem himself in the 2nd half).

Latavius Murray, TD, Raiders 14-7

3:30 to go in the 1st half, 17-7 Raiders, if we can put up at least 3 points on this drive, we get the ball first in the second half, the way the Raiders D has played so far, we could put this game away with a TD in the opening drive of the 2nd half. 3rd and 7, Raiders 45-yard-line, at the 2-minute-warning. Wishful thinking, we're punting. 1:46 to go in 1st half, maybe Cam will give us a gift. Lawd have mercy!!!! Low and behold, Kalil Mack picks off Cam, pick 6, 24-7 dah Raiders!!!

Needed to take a break from blogging after Carr rushed to the locker room with a dislocated pinky finger. Carr would return after missing one series of downs (thank goodness because Matt McGloin was like a deer in headlights, the few plays he was in the game).

Big-time play: the score, Car 32, Oak 32, 4th quarter, 4:19 to go in the game, Raiders have the ball on their own 14-yard line. Carr hits Crab on a 49-yard bomb to the Panther 37-yard line, giving DC an even 300 yards passing for the game.

Also of note, RG Gabe Jackson dominated the guy opposite him all game long. He pushed him around, bullied him on the field, while intimidating Carolina's LB's, who were constantly complaining the the Zebra's, "he's picking on me." Shout-out to 2nd-year TE Clive Walford from Miami who had a monster game and caught the TD pass from Carr that tied the game after the 2-point conversion to Seth Roberts.

Janokowski kicked a 23-yard-FG that would be the difference in the final score. Panthers final drive, 4th down, 10 yards to go for a 1st down, 1 minute to go in the game, Khalil strikes again: strip-sack, game over!
  Raiders pulled out a tight one, 35-32. We have been winning the close games all season long, starting with the 2-pt conversion against the Saints.

Derek Carr, 26/38, 315 yds, 2 TD, INT.. Crabtree redeemed himself, 8 REC, 110 YDS... but the game ball has to go to Khalil "The Finisher" Mack! 

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Promising Raider Rookies

  1. # 91 Shilique Calhoun, LB, 6'4" 251 lbs, Age: 24 R Michigan State
  2. # 42 Karl Joseph, S, 5'10" 205 lbs, Age: 23 R West Virginia
  3. # 79 Denver Kirkland, G, 6'5" 340 lbs, Age: 22 R Arkansas
  4. # 75 Darius Lathan, DT, 6'5" 305 lbs, Age: 22 R Indiana
  5. # 30 Jalen Richard, RB, 5'8" 207 lbs, Age: 23 R Southern Mississippi
  6. # 95 Jihad Ward, DE, 6'5" 296 lbs, Age: 22 R Illinois
  7. # 33 DeAndre Washington, 5'8" 204 lbs, Age 23 R Texas Tech

Monday, November 21, 2016

Number One Seed in the AFC

A win is a win is a win. Maybe a little 'home-cooking' from the refs, but good teams find a way to win... by any means necessary.

Bad teams lose those type games, good teams sometimes have to win 'ugly'. That's just how it goes in the NFL.

We need Crabtree to catch the football; we will need him down the stretch and into the playoffs. By defeating the Texans, the Raiders control their own destiny for home field advantage throughout the playoffs. In order to do so, we must shore up the defense (nice bend but don't break tonight, in crucial situations). Not only did Crabtree and Seth Roberts (great block on the Amari Cooper TD catch and run) drop a few passes, but David Amerson dropped an Osweiler pass that hit him between the numbers and so did rookie LB Shilique Calhoun. Amerson and Shilique's drops were forgiven because both played fairly well.

Fourth year corner from the University of Houston, D.J. Hayden, really needs to keep his hands off the receivers. He's constantly getting flagged for interference. As the games get more and more important, we're gonna need him to keep his hands to himself and play the ball. He does not trust his ability to cover, doesn't trust his speed and instincts. Most of the time, he's right there but for some odd reason, he chooses to grab and hold, then has the temerity to act as if he hasn't done anything.

It's all good, we got the W and that's all that counts. We certainly didn't bring our "A Game" to Mexico, but as the late great AL Davis stated, JUST WIN BABY! And by gollie, that's what we are doing!

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Raiders Relevant Again

Outstanding performance by the O-line, in the 30-20 win over the Broncos.
  • LT - Donald Penn
  • LG - Keleci Osemele
  • C -   Rodney Hudson
  • RG - Gabe Jackson
  • RT - Austin Howard
Just had a conversation with a buddy, originally from KC, diehard Chiefs fan (I refer to them as the Cheaps)...

He says, "well enjoy one more week, Chiefs will be in first if we beat Panthers."

My response:

I wouldn't talk if I were you.. barely beat Blake Bortles .. give me a break .. y'all about to crash and burn.. You're at the Panthers, then you got Jameis and the Bucs (no push-overs), at the Broncos, at Atlanta, home against the Raiders, Titans and Broncos; at Chargers...

The 8 games your Cheaps have left, guaranteed to lose at minimum.. 3 games, possibly more.. Y'all about to CRASH & BURN!

Sunday, October 30, 2016

23 Penalties - Ridiculous - But We Won!!!!

Fortunately we got the win. 23 penalties is an NFL record and unacceptable.

On the bright side, we're 6-2 and D. Carr throws for a franchise record 513 passing yards (40-59, 513 yards, top 10 passing performance in NFL history). Derek Carr and Amari Cooper are the two players that contributed to the Raiders win, NOT THE COACHING STAFF or the O-LINE (although they protected Carr but you can't have so many procedure penalties).

24 penalties
is the mark of an undisciplined team. If we're playing any other team in the NFL (with the exception of the Browns, Jaguars and the Bucs) we lose the game by a couple of touchdowns.

This type of horrific, mistake-filled football is the mark of poor coaching. All the mistakes the offense made, Del Rio just stood on the sideline as if he was watching a ballet recital. RIDICULOUS!

It's one thing to be calm as a coach because it tends to keep the team relaxed, but when you see your offensive-line playing like the 'Bad News Bears', at some point you've got to start getting in the players faces.

Amari Cooper had 12 catches for 173 yards (career high) and a TD but the drop in OT almost cost us the game.

Oh well, we got the win, 30-24, so this will be a learning/growth experience. I suppose it's not so bad to hold the record for most penalties in a professional football game when you walk away with the 'W'.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Raiders - Chiefs Rivalry

Having been born in Oakland in the 60's and moving away in 1991, I grew up a fanatical Raiders fan.

I remember fondly, guys like "Big" Ben Davidson, Otis Sistrunk, Darryl "The Mad Bomber" Lamonica, Warren Wells, Marv Hubbard (who would run over his own momma), Cliff Branch (could beat anybody deep, if he had better hands would probably be in the HOF), Willie Brown, Lester "The Molester" Hayes (probably not a good nickname today, but he was known as "the molester" because he was a lockdown corner before the appellation became famous), Phil Villipiano, Alonzo "Skip" Thomas, the late-great Jack "Assassin" Tatum; great TE's like Dave Casper, Raymond Chester, and Todd Christensen; Howie, Marcus, Plunkett, Tim Brown and the late-great hall-of-famer, Kenny "The Snake" Stabler (always super-cool under pressure ** see video below), just to name a few.

Any Raiders-Chiefs fans that go back to the late 60's, 70's and early 80's, knows what the battles were like when the Chiefs and Raiders snapped on the chin straps - ALL OUT WAR!

Unfortunately, the NFL doesn't allow the type of hits that took place when my boys took on the arch rival Chiefs. Fighting, brawling, cursing, spitting and hitting were the order of the day.
The figures didn't look this bad,
they did have eyes & some features
There was no other way.

My brother Kent - RIP (he was born in Oakland as well), for some reason (I think for the competition between us) was always a Chiefs fan. When the Raiders and Chiefs would play, we'd play "Electronic Football." This was the "old-school" Madden Football. You plugged in the football field, it would vibrate, and the little plastic men (in team uniform colors) would move forward because of the plastic 'cleats' on the bottom of each individual player. You had to realign your players on every play. To complete a pass, you had to actually throw the little cotton swab, shaped like a football, and hit the receiver (your hand could not pass the line of scrimmage). Hitting the receiver signified a completed pass.

My brother and I would have the most heated arguments on whether or not that little piece of cotton hit the receiver. We'd get angry, and like the Raiders-Chiefs on TV, he and I would get into a fight! That was Raiders-Chiefs football!!

For you Chiefs fans out there, your team cannot compare or live up to the Raiders success. The debate ends with 3 Super Bowl victories to your 1, case closed. When we get in the playoffs, we go deep in the playoffs, having been shunned the opportunity twice by officials; in the 1977 AFC Championship game, when Tatum blasted Denver RB Rob Lytle, he fumbled on the goal-line, Raiders recovered, but the refs gave the ball to Denver.. and again in the infamous, bogus, "Tuck Rule"). Chiefs get in the playoffs and it's usually One and Done!

Be forewarned, on Sunday, October 16, 2016... you got an ass-whoopin coming... Believe that!

*** Ken Stabler was the first NFL QB to lead his team to five consecutive AFC Championship Games, 1973-77.
A look back at the "Snake's" TD passes for the Oakland Raiders in these classic games.

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Derek Carr the "Gunslinger" and Crabtree Dominate!

If a team can over-come a late game fumble. If a team can take the ball and drive for the game-winning score in the final 3 minutes. If a team's defense can hold a good team out of the end zone, out of field-goal range, on the road, you have a winner.

For the first time since 2001, the year the Raiders went to the Super Bowl, the Silver and Black have won 3 road games; and that's 3 out of 3 road games! As a lifelong Raiders fan, I'm almost scared to say this but I will... We have a good team!

Our offense can score on anyone and our defense is improving. After the Falcons game and a Raider's lost, I was questioning whether or not Ken Norton was the man for the job of defensive coordinator. That's before I knew that the Falcons were much better than they were last season.

Considering what Julio Jones and Matt Ryan did to the defending NFC Champion Panthers today (10/02/16), Julio with over 300 receiving yards, and what they did to the Saints last week, the Raiders defense doesn't look so bad... and today, they showed up, kept the heat on Joe Flaco, and made a defensive stand when it was needed the most.

Sunday, September 11, 2016

"BlackJack" Del Rio

Guess you gotta know when to hold em' and know when to fold em'.

What a gutsy call! If they don't make it, Coach Del Rio would have been highly criticized. I liked the call because we couldn't stop Drew Brees and if they get the ball first in overtime, at home, they would have probably come out with the 'W'.

You're on the road, play for the win!! And that's what "BlackJack" Del Rio did... Just Win Baby! Al Davis is smiling from the beyond!!

Raiders 35, Saints 34

  • Derek Carr: 24/38, 319 yards passing, 1 TD, no INTs
  • Amari Cooper: 6 rec, 137 yards 
  • Michael Crabtree: 7 rec, 87 yards and the game-winning 2-pt conversion catch.

Jalen Richard's 75-yard TD run provided a spark that ignited the team to victory.

Friday, August 5, 2016

Players to Watch:

Linebacker Bruce Irvin: "Versatility" is the most prevalent buzzword in the NFL, but thanks to Irvin, the Raiders can show us a tangible definition. Pairing him with Khalil Mack could be a terrifying proposition for NFL offensive coordinators. The scroll of protection audibles alone could be a mile long. 

Irvin was an eight-sack rookie while playing under current Raiders defensive coordinator (and former Seahawks LB coach) Ken Norton Jr. in Seattle, and now he'll be in a more rush-heavy defense. Training camp will be a great way to discover just how often the team plans on letting both Mack and Irvin loose, and whether the new guy's experience as a traditional 4-3 linebacker will give Oakland the chance to throw out some more exotic looks.

Safety Karl Joseph
Joseph will start no matter what -- a ballhawk and brutal tackler like that doesn't waste away on special teams alone. Depending on how physical the Raiders want to be in training camp, we might not see some of his brightest attributes until the games count in September. 

Assuming Joseph survives the white-board tedium of late July and August, we should emerge from camp with a fuller picture of how the Raiders plan on using their first-round pick and whether he'll fit into the booming Kam Chancellor role that Norton is very familiar with.


Jalen Richard Opening Eyes In Training Camp

Undrafted free agent running back Jalen Richard is impressing spectators in training camp with his agility and decision making abilities. 

Oakland Raiders Training Camp 2016 is nearing a week of completion and the players have been showcasing their talent on a day-to-day basis. One player who has caught the attention of his coaches and peers is rookie running back Jalen Richard. He went undrafted in the 2016 NFL Draft, but was picked up by the Raiders as a free agent and has made the most of his opportunities.

Richard attended the University of Southern Mississippi and over the course of those four years, he flashed potential, but truly revealed what he was capable of in his senior year. Richard split time at the running back position that season, but made the most of his opportunities by eclipsing 1,000 rushing yards and compiling an impressive 14 rushing touchdowns on 185 carries.

Part of what made Richard successful during his senior year of college was his elusiveness and ability to hide behind the offensive line and burst through a hole. These characteristics have attributed and translated over to his success with the Raiders so far.

“There’s definitely an advantage if you know how to use it to your advantage, really me and DeAndrĂ© [Washington] both. It’s crazy how identical we are as far as size, almost weight, and skill set. We use it to our advantage, the guys can’t really see us behind the line, we’re very precise in our cuts, and we have great vision,” said Richard.

continued at

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Shared Culpability

As a lifelong Raiders fan, of course I'm upset behind a 7-9 season and it's enough blame to go around for everyone.

The NFL quarterback is like the point guard in the NBA. He is the leader; the primary cog that makes the wheels turn. I'm not sure if Derek Carr is the answer as the Raiders signal caller. Unfortunately, it may take a couple more seasons before he either steps up to the plate or he fades into mediocrity.

21st century Raider fans are so accustomed to losing, they point to Carr's padded stats (padded because when you're a losing team, you're usually playing from behind so you must throw the ball) and benightedly see D.C. as our 'savior' and I just don't think he's the one. If Derek works hard this off-season and improves his game and eliminates redzone mistakes, maybe he will prove me wrong.

When the Vikings played the Raiders in week 10, NFL commentators and analyst were comparing Derek Carr to Minnesota QB Teddy Bridgewater, and most, if not all, were giving the edge to Carr (see my article, "Collusion Against the Black QB in the NFL" to understand why). There is no comparison when it comes to wins and losses (in both their 2nd seasons, with Teddy playing 2 fewer games, he's won 16 games to Carr's 9 wins). In the 2014 season, Bridgewater won 6 games after starting the year on the bench, and he played the entire season without Adrian Peterson (suspended for Child Abuse charges). Carr won 2 games his rookie season and was the week 1 starter for the Raiders.

Yes, the Vikings have the best running back in football, but the Raiders have Cooper, Crabtree, and Murray as weapons at Carr's disposal. Teddy Bridgewater may not have the stats that Carr has, but he's slowly but surely showing the league that he is a winner. As of this post, the Vikings in 2015-16 are 10-6 and playing the Packers tonight (01/03/2016) for the NFC North Division title. Win or Lose, Bridgewater has his team in the playoffs and we are 7-9, on the outside looking in, no invite to the 'big dance', once again.

The Raiders defense, under the tutelage of Ken Norton Jr., has played well, especially in the second half of the season. There is one exception, 3rd year corner, DJ Hayden has got to go. This guy can't cover my grandmother without holding. Try to trade him, if no one wants him, release him.

Weeks 9-11, the Raiders loss 3 straight games to the Steelers, Vikings, and Lions. Between weeks 12-17, the Raiders went 3-3 (won-loss-won-loss-won-loss) to close out the season.

3 Losses in a row between weeks 9 - 11

  • Steelers - 4 Raider turnovers 0 Steeler turnovers
  • Vikings - 2 Raider turnovers 0 Vikings turnovers
  • Lions - No turnovers either team, Carr's stats: 13/25, 169 yards, no TDs.

Losses Going Down the Stretch

  • Week 13, 34-20 loss against the Chiefs; Carr throws 3 INTs.
  • Week 15, 30-20 loss against the Packers; Carr throws 2 INTs to start the game, spotting Green Bay and Aaron Rogers a 14-0 lead in the first quarter.
  • Week 17, 23-17 loss the the Chiefs; Carr's stats 21/33, 194 yards, 1 TD, 1 INT.

I'm sick of losing; sick of being out of the playoffs and not being a contender. The only upside to the Raiders poor performance in the last several seasons is the fact that they lose so much, I've become immune, so it doesn't hurt as much as it used to. Now, unfortunately, I actually don't expect the Raiders to win, therefore, when they lose, I can just go on with my week as if nothing happened.

Another thing that works in my favor, I no longer reside in the Oakland/San Fran Bay Area (my birthplace). Living in Atlanta, coupled with the fact that the home team Falcons BITE, there's not too many people around to tease and taunt me when my Raiders get the crap kicked out of em'. Besides, most sports fans don't bother to tease the fans of perennial losers because they get no satisfaction out of it; it's like heckling a mentally challenged individual, he's not going to understand what you're saying and really doesn't give a shyt.

See ya next season!