Sunday, January 3, 2016

Shared Culpability

As a lifelong Raiders fan, of course I'm upset behind a 7-9 season and it's enough blame to go around for everyone.

The NFL quarterback is like the point guard in the NBA. He is the leader; the primary cog that makes the wheels turn. I'm not sure if Derek Carr is the answer as the Raiders signal caller. Unfortunately, it may take a couple more seasons before he either steps up to the plate or he fades into mediocrity.

21st century Raider fans are so accustomed to losing, they point to Carr's padded stats (padded because when you're a losing team, you're usually playing from behind so you must throw the ball) and benightedly see D.C. as our 'savior' and I just don't think he's the one. If Derek works hard this off-season and improves his game and eliminates redzone mistakes, maybe he will prove me wrong.

When the Vikings played the Raiders in week 10, NFL commentators and analyst were comparing Derek Carr to Minnesota QB Teddy Bridgewater, and most, if not all, were giving the edge to Carr (see my article, "Collusion Against the Black QB in the NFL" to understand why). There is no comparison when it comes to wins and losses (in both their 2nd seasons, with Teddy playing 2 fewer games, he's won 16 games to Carr's 9 wins). In the 2014 season, Bridgewater won 6 games after starting the year on the bench, and he played the entire season without Adrian Peterson (suspended for Child Abuse charges). Carr won 2 games his rookie season and was the week 1 starter for the Raiders.

Yes, the Vikings have the best running back in football, but the Raiders have Cooper, Crabtree, and Murray as weapons at Carr's disposal. Teddy Bridgewater may not have the stats that Carr has, but he's slowly but surely showing the league that he is a winner. As of this post, the Vikings in 2015-16 are 10-6 and playing the Packers tonight (01/03/2016) for the NFC North Division title. Win or Lose, Bridgewater has his team in the playoffs and we are 7-9, on the outside looking in, no invite to the 'big dance', once again.

The Raiders defense, under the tutelage of Ken Norton Jr., has played well, especially in the second half of the season. There is one exception, 3rd year corner, DJ Hayden has got to go. This guy can't cover my grandmother without holding. Try to trade him, if no one wants him, release him.

Weeks 9-11, the Raiders loss 3 straight games to the Steelers, Vikings, and Lions. Between weeks 12-17, the Raiders went 3-3 (won-loss-won-loss-won-loss) to close out the season.

3 Losses in a row between weeks 9 - 11

  • Steelers - 4 Raider turnovers 0 Steeler turnovers
  • Vikings - 2 Raider turnovers 0 Vikings turnovers
  • Lions - No turnovers either team, Carr's stats: 13/25, 169 yards, no TDs.

Losses Going Down the Stretch

  • Week 13, 34-20 loss against the Chiefs; Carr throws 3 INTs.
  • Week 15, 30-20 loss against the Packers; Carr throws 2 INTs to start the game, spotting Green Bay and Aaron Rogers a 14-0 lead in the first quarter.
  • Week 17, 23-17 loss the the Chiefs; Carr's stats 21/33, 194 yards, 1 TD, 1 INT.

I'm sick of losing; sick of being out of the playoffs and not being a contender. The only upside to the Raiders poor performance in the last several seasons is the fact that they lose so much, I've become immune, so it doesn't hurt as much as it used to. Now, unfortunately, I actually don't expect the Raiders to win, therefore, when they lose, I can just go on with my week as if nothing happened.

Another thing that works in my favor, I no longer reside in the Oakland/San Fran Bay Area (my birthplace). Living in Atlanta, coupled with the fact that the home team Falcons BITE, there's not too many people around to tease and taunt me when my Raiders get the crap kicked out of em'. Besides, most sports fans don't bother to tease the fans of perennial losers because they get no satisfaction out of it; it's like heckling a mentally challenged individual, he's not going to understand what you're saying and really doesn't give a shyt.

See ya next season!