Sunday, October 30, 2016

23 Penalties - Ridiculous - But We Won!!!!

Fortunately we got the win. 23 penalties is an NFL record and unacceptable.

On the bright side, we're 6-2 and D. Carr throws for a franchise record 513 passing yards (40-59, 513 yards, top 10 passing performance in NFL history). Derek Carr and Amari Cooper are the two players that contributed to the Raiders win, NOT THE COACHING STAFF or the O-LINE (although they protected Carr but you can't have so many procedure penalties).

24 penalties
is the mark of an undisciplined team. If we're playing any other team in the NFL (with the exception of the Browns, Jaguars and the Bucs) we lose the game by a couple of touchdowns.

This type of horrific, mistake-filled football is the mark of poor coaching. All the mistakes the offense made, Del Rio just stood on the sideline as if he was watching a ballet recital. RIDICULOUS!

It's one thing to be calm as a coach because it tends to keep the team relaxed, but when you see your offensive-line playing like the 'Bad News Bears', at some point you've got to start getting in the players faces.

Amari Cooper had 12 catches for 173 yards (career high) and a TD but the drop in OT almost cost us the game.

Oh well, we got the win, 30-24, so this will be a learning/growth experience. I suppose it's not so bad to hold the record for most penalties in a professional football game when you walk away with the 'W'.