Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Raiders - Chiefs Rivalry

Having been born in Oakland in the 60's and moving away in 1991, I grew up a fanatical Raiders fan.

I remember fondly, guys like "Big" Ben Davidson, Otis Sistrunk, Darryl "The Mad Bomber" Lamonica, Warren Wells, Marv Hubbard (who would run over his own momma), Cliff Branch (could beat anybody deep, if he had better hands would probably be in the HOF), Willie Brown, Lester "The Molester" Hayes (probably not a good nickname today, but he was known as "the molester" because he was a lockdown corner before the appellation became famous), Phil Villipiano, Alonzo "Skip" Thomas, the late-great Jack "Assassin" Tatum; great TE's like Dave Casper, Raymond Chester, and Todd Christensen; Howie, Marcus, Plunkett, Tim Brown and the late-great hall-of-famer, Kenny "The Snake" Stabler (always super-cool under pressure ** see video below), just to name a few.

Any Raiders-Chiefs fans that go back to the late 60's, 70's and early 80's, knows what the battles were like when the Chiefs and Raiders snapped on the chin straps - ALL OUT WAR!

Unfortunately, the NFL doesn't allow the type of hits that took place when my boys took on the arch rival Chiefs. Fighting, brawling, cursing, spitting and hitting were the order of the day.
The figures didn't look this bad,
they did have eyes & some features
There was no other way.

My brother Kent - RIP (he was born in Oakland as well), for some reason (I think for the competition between us) was always a Chiefs fan. When the Raiders and Chiefs would play, we'd play "Electronic Football." This was the "old-school" Madden Football. You plugged in the football field, it would vibrate, and the little plastic men (in team uniform colors) would move forward because of the plastic 'cleats' on the bottom of each individual player. You had to realign your players on every play. To complete a pass, you had to actually throw the little cotton swab, shaped like a football, and hit the receiver (your hand could not pass the line of scrimmage). Hitting the receiver signified a completed pass.

My brother and I would have the most heated arguments on whether or not that little piece of cotton hit the receiver. We'd get angry, and like the Raiders-Chiefs on TV, he and I would get into a fight! That was Raiders-Chiefs football!!

For you Chiefs fans out there, your team cannot compare or live up to the Raiders success. The debate ends with 3 Super Bowl victories to your 1, case closed. When we get in the playoffs, we go deep in the playoffs, having been shunned the opportunity twice by officials; in the 1977 AFC Championship game, when Tatum blasted Denver RB Rob Lytle, he fumbled on the goal-line, Raiders recovered, but the refs gave the ball to Denver.. and again in the infamous, bogus, "Tuck Rule"). Chiefs get in the playoffs and it's usually One and Done!

Be forewarned, on Sunday, October 16, 2016... you got an ass-whoopin coming... Believe that!

*** Ken Stabler was the first NFL QB to lead his team to five consecutive AFC Championship Games, 1973-77.
A look back at the "Snake's" TD passes for the Oakland Raiders in these classic games.