Sunday, November 27, 2016

Raiders vs Panthers

Strip sack, Khalil Mack to seal the deal!
This is going to be an in-game post. My boys are 8-2, top seed in the AFC and we control our own destiny, all the way to Houston. Win out, and we have home field throughout the AFC playoffs.

Needless to say, I'm extremely nervous, trying to relax, but it's going to be difficult. This is why I'm blogging, as a way to release the angst that comes with watching the Raiders. We're finally relevant after 15 years of struggle. We're finally talked about, in a good way, on ESPN, NFL Network, CBS Sports, Fox Sports, etc. We're no longer the butt of football inept jokes, that's totally reserved for the Cleveland Browns, God bless em'.

The Panthers are 4-6, not having the type of year everyone expected but with a healthy Cam Newton, they are a dangerous team.

Here we go, Carolina 3 and out on the first possession. Oakland along with Pittsburgh are the only two teams in the NFL that have not given up a first possession touchdown this season.

Black Hole Leap
Raiders first possession, 1st down..... Coooooooooop! Oh well, one first down, now we must punt.. Field position, Panthers at their own 10 after a nice 47-yard punt by the eccentric, yet talented Marquette King. DJ Hayden is starting at right-corner in place of the injured David Amerson.

It doesn't look like they are going to be able to run on us, so we gotta put pressure on Cam.. and just as I type this, Sean Smith drops a 'gift' from Cam. Doesn't matter so much, Panthers had to punt on 4th down after being stopped 1 yard shy of a first-down. Field position is in our favor, second drive starting around the 40-yard-line, we have to start putting the rock in the end zone. Go deep to Coooooooooop! Or not.. but we'll take the 32-yard dump off pass to Murray; next play 24 yards to Roberts... in the RED ZONE!

Derek Carr, 6 passes to 6 different receivers in the 1st quarter. TD Roberts !!!! 7-0 Raiders!

Carr was 9 for 9, would have been 10 for 10 but Crab drops the pass.. which is what he did all game long against the Texans - drop passes. Maybe rookie wideout Johnny Holton can replace Crab for awhile (overreaction on my part as Crabtree would more than redeem himself in the 2nd half).

Latavius Murray, TD, Raiders 14-7

3:30 to go in the 1st half, 17-7 Raiders, if we can put up at least 3 points on this drive, we get the ball first in the second half, the way the Raiders D has played so far, we could put this game away with a TD in the opening drive of the 2nd half. 3rd and 7, Raiders 45-yard-line, at the 2-minute-warning. Wishful thinking, we're punting. 1:46 to go in 1st half, maybe Cam will give us a gift. Lawd have mercy!!!! Low and behold, Kalil Mack picks off Cam, pick 6, 24-7 dah Raiders!!!

Needed to take a break from blogging after Carr rushed to the locker room with a dislocated pinky finger. Carr would return after missing one series of downs (thank goodness because Matt McGloin was like a deer in headlights, the few plays he was in the game).

Big-time play: the score, Car 32, Oak 32, 4th quarter, 4:19 to go in the game, Raiders have the ball on their own 14-yard line. Carr hits Crab on a 49-yard bomb to the Panther 37-yard line, giving DC an even 300 yards passing for the game.

Also of note, RG Gabe Jackson dominated the guy opposite him all game long. He pushed him around, bullied him on the field, while intimidating Carolina's LB's, who were constantly complaining the the Zebra's, "he's picking on me." Shout-out to 2nd-year TE Clive Walford from Miami who had a monster game and caught the TD pass from Carr that tied the game after the 2-point conversion to Seth Roberts.

Janokowski kicked a 23-yard-FG that would be the difference in the final score. Panthers final drive, 4th down, 10 yards to go for a 1st down, 1 minute to go in the game, Khalil strikes again: strip-sack, game over!
  Raiders pulled out a tight one, 35-32. We have been winning the close games all season long, starting with the 2-pt conversion against the Saints.

Derek Carr, 26/38, 315 yds, 2 TD, INT.. Crabtree redeemed himself, 8 REC, 110 YDS... but the game ball has to go to Khalil "The Finisher" Mack! 

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Promising Raider Rookies

  1. # 91 Shilique Calhoun, LB, 6'4" 251 lbs, Age: 24 R Michigan State
  2. # 42 Karl Joseph, S, 5'10" 205 lbs, Age: 23 R West Virginia
  3. # 79 Denver Kirkland, G, 6'5" 340 lbs, Age: 22 R Arkansas
  4. # 75 Darius Lathan, DT, 6'5" 305 lbs, Age: 22 R Indiana
  5. # 30 Jalen Richard, RB, 5'8" 207 lbs, Age: 23 R Southern Mississippi
  6. # 95 Jihad Ward, DE, 6'5" 296 lbs, Age: 22 R Illinois
  7. # 33 DeAndre Washington, 5'8" 204 lbs, Age 23 R Texas Tech

Monday, November 21, 2016

Number One Seed in the AFC

A win is a win is a win. Maybe a little 'home-cooking' from the refs, but good teams find a way to win... by any means necessary.

Bad teams lose those type games, good teams sometimes have to win 'ugly'. That's just how it goes in the NFL.

We need Crabtree to catch the football; we will need him down the stretch and into the playoffs. By defeating the Texans, the Raiders control their own destiny for home field advantage throughout the playoffs. In order to do so, we must shore up the defense (nice bend but don't break tonight, in crucial situations). Not only did Crabtree and Seth Roberts (great block on the Amari Cooper TD catch and run) drop a few passes, but David Amerson dropped an Osweiler pass that hit him between the numbers and so did rookie LB Shilique Calhoun. Amerson and Shilique's drops were forgiven because both played fairly well.

Fourth year corner from the University of Houston, D.J. Hayden, really needs to keep his hands off the receivers. He's constantly getting flagged for interference. As the games get more and more important, we're gonna need him to keep his hands to himself and play the ball. He does not trust his ability to cover, doesn't trust his speed and instincts. Most of the time, he's right there but for some odd reason, he chooses to grab and hold, then has the temerity to act as if he hasn't done anything.

It's all good, we got the W and that's all that counts. We certainly didn't bring our "A Game" to Mexico, but as the late great AL Davis stated, JUST WIN BABY! And by gollie, that's what we are doing!

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Raiders Relevant Again

Outstanding performance by the O-line, in the 30-20 win over the Broncos.
  • LT - Donald Penn
  • LG - Keleci Osemele
  • C -   Rodney Hudson
  • RG - Gabe Jackson
  • RT - Austin Howard
Just had a conversation with a buddy, originally from KC, diehard Chiefs fan (I refer to them as the Cheaps)...

He says, "well enjoy one more week, Chiefs will be in first if we beat Panthers."

My response:

I wouldn't talk if I were you.. barely beat Blake Bortles .. give me a break .. y'all about to crash and burn.. You're at the Panthers, then you got Jameis and the Bucs (no push-overs), at the Broncos, at Atlanta, home against the Raiders, Titans and Broncos; at Chargers...

The 8 games your Cheaps have left, guaranteed to lose at minimum.. 3 games, possibly more.. Y'all about to CRASH & BURN!