Monday, November 21, 2016

Number One Seed in the AFC

A win is a win is a win. Maybe a little 'home-cooking' from the refs, but good teams find a way to win... by any means necessary.

Bad teams lose those type games, good teams sometimes have to win 'ugly'. That's just how it goes in the NFL.

We need Crabtree to catch the football; we will need him down the stretch and into the playoffs. By defeating the Texans, the Raiders control their own destiny for home field advantage throughout the playoffs. In order to do so, we must shore up the defense (nice bend but don't break tonight, in crucial situations). Not only did Crabtree and Seth Roberts (great block on the Amari Cooper TD catch and run) drop a few passes, but David Amerson dropped an Osweiler pass that hit him between the numbers and so did rookie LB Shilique Calhoun. Amerson and Shilique's drops were forgiven because both played fairly well.

Fourth year corner from the University of Houston, D.J. Hayden, really needs to keep his hands off the receivers. He's constantly getting flagged for interference. As the games get more and more important, we're gonna need him to keep his hands to himself and play the ball. He does not trust his ability to cover, doesn't trust his speed and instincts. Most of the time, he's right there but for some odd reason, he chooses to grab and hold, then has the temerity to act as if he hasn't done anything.

It's all good, we got the W and that's all that counts. We certainly didn't bring our "A Game" to Mexico, but as the late great AL Davis stated, JUST WIN BABY! And by gollie, that's what we are doing!