Saturday, December 24, 2016

DeAndre Washington

Deon Washington, the rookie from Texas Tech, scores first two touchdowns of NFL career, both 22-yard TD sprints (final stats for Deon: 12 rushes, 99 yards, 2 TDs). The o-line is protecting Carr bigtime and opening up gape-ing holes for Deandre.

Derek Carr suffers broken fibula - out indefinitely.

Raiders have a fierce 3-headed monster with Murray, Washington, and Jalen Richard. We need one more long drive, topped off with 7 points. 33-14 Raiders, start of the 4th quarter.

We need to clean up the penalties. Holding and illegal procedures, put us in a 3rd down and long situation, Carr tries to scramble, he's sacked, and now has an ankle injury that does not look good. Matt McGloin as a backup is useless. We should have invested in a decent backup QB. If Carr can't play, I say we get Connor Cook ready to go.

OK, 1st down Raiders at the 2 minute warning, pass from McGloin to Cooooooooooop! That sealed the W, Colts have no more timeouts. Raiders win, 33-25. 12 and 3 for the season, if the Broncos cand knock off the Chiefs, we win the division title and get a first round playoff bye.