Sunday, December 4, 2016

Raiders Storm to 10-2 Record, Tops in AFC

Raiders turn it up in the second half, defeat the Bills 38-24. If we get home-field throughout the AFC Playoffs.... the Silver & Black could very well be headed to Houston.

Explosive offense, defense is getting better every week and we may be getting Aldon Smith back soon.

And Khalil Mack, the "Game Changer," caused a pick today (12/03/16 on Tyrod Taylor) and another strip-sack and fumble recovery to turn out the lights on the Buffalo Bills.

Jack Del Rio was almost at a loss for words at that the post-game press conference:

"Khalil Mack
is really making his mark on these ball-games.. that interception that he caused.. he just keeps showing up huge.. that's what great players do and he's a great player."