Thursday, December 8, 2016

Raiders vs Chiefs - Game Time Blog

1st Quarter

Chiefs won the toss, they deferred, figured as much, so we need to set the tone, score on opening drive. Three and out, Crabtree could not handle, what looked like a catchable pass. Uh-oh, muffed punt, Raiders ball!!! We must convert this into 7. Backup LB James Cowser on the fumble recovery.

Good challenge by Andy Reid because doesn't look like Cooper dragged the second foot to stay in bounds. Commercial break. Two-feet in bounds, first down Oakland. 2nd down, Cooper fumbles, looks like he didn't quite have possession, ruled a fumble on the field, Del Rio challenged the play. Commercial break. No catch, incomplete pass! One thing about it, Chiefs offense has been sitting for a good while.

Seth Roberts drops a pass right in his hands. The Raiders have had major problems catching the ball. FG, 3-0 Raiders.

3rd down and 10 for the Chiefs and we give up a 39-yard-pass down field. 3rd down and 3, wildcat, didn't work, 4th and 1, Chiefs are disrespecting the Raiders and going for it, don't make it! We need to put up 7, put the Chiefs in a 10-0 hole. Good 1st down gain of 6, but Carr is sacked on 3rd down (had the ball out there like a loaf of bread, please watch out Derek). Raiders punt.

3rd and 5 for the Chiefs, lets get off the field. Travis Kelce, 1st down. False start Kelce, 1st and 15. 2nd and 14, looks like the Raiders are ready for that little quick out-pass. 3rd and 14, please get off the field. Ward jumps offside, 3rd and 9. Incomplete, 4th down, Chiefs punting. Three (3) and out and we are putting; field position is changing, 53-yard-punt but a good run-back, holding though, 10-yard penalty, puts the Chiefs back to their own 30-yard-line. 1st down, Jeremy Maclin, gain of 16. Need the defense to make a PLAY. TE Kelce, once again, running free in the secondary, 1st down Chiefs, Oakland 36-yard-line; end of 1st quarter.

2nd Quarter

2nd down 10, TD, Tyreek Hill, beats David Amerson, 7-3 Chiefs. We have to catch the ball and we must match their intensity. So far, the Raiders appear to be playing scared. We're not moving the ball against their defense and when we have the opportunity to make a play, we don't. 2nd and 4, Crabtree drops another pass. 3rd down, Carr scramble comes up 1-yard short, King punts for the 4th time. Crabtree is good, but he is too inconsistent with catching the ball. Hope we can get Pryor back as a WR in free agency. Crab hurts the team as much as he helps us.. not to mention, his drops tend to bounce off his pads because they go straight through his hands, creating a potential T.O. Catch the fu##ing ball!

3rd down and 6, gain of 28 yards to Kelce, again, it's like no one is covering this guy. 10-yard, holding penalty, 1st down and 20. 1st down to Conley, gain of 25, then the Raiders are hit with off-sides. We're playing like SHIT! And KC is not Buffalo.. We've been out-gained 202 yards to 27 yards. We can't get to Smith, 1st down and goal to Tyreek Hill. Smith has hit 6 diff receivers and thrown for over 200 yards with 9 minutes to go in the 1st half. TD Chiefs, 14-3. We're out-classed and over-matched so far.

If we don't put up 7 points on this next drive, with the Chiefs getting the ball first in the 2nd half, this game is OVER, and as I type this, we get our first penalty, false start.. that's good that it is only the first one but now is not the time. Another 3 and out, 5th punt for the Raiders.. to make matters worse, we punt, pin them inside the 20, false start on the punt, so we have to punt again to DANGEROUS Tyreek Hill.. and he returns the punt for 6, 21-3 Chiefs.

Only the Raiders second 1st down with 6 minutes to go in the 1st half. We finally get a sustained drive going, using up the last 6 and 1/2 minutes of the 1st half, 92-yard scoring drive - TD Murray, 21-10 at the half. By the way, Chiefs MLB Derrick Johnson is out for the game with an achilles injury and he is the QB of the defense... too bad, so sad.

3rd Quarter

Huge pick by Raiders DB TJ Carrie, ball on Chiefs 18-yard- line.. KC defense stiffens, we get a 33-yard FG, 21-13 Chiefs.

Khalil strikes again, strip sack, Raiders ball !! Ball on Chiefs 18-yard-line AGAIN.. We gotta get 7 points.. 1st down run by Murray; on 2nd down, holding. 1st and goal from the 17-yard-line. 2nd and goal from the 17. 3rd and goal, no gain on pass to Crabtree. 4th down, high snap, King tries to run with the ball, ZERO points. That's gonna hurt, two TOs in their own territory on the opening 2 drives of the half and we only have 3 points to show for it. That sucks! When we get another TO, the D needs to score.

Jihad Ward is called for a face-mask, 15-yard penalty; the same player who jumped off-sides in the 1st half. 1012 yards in penalties for the season (Raiders got a 10-yd holding penalty on the Chiefs punt). 3rd & 10, gotta get off the field. Kelce short of 1st down, 4th and 2, PLEASE watch the fake. Carr is not having one of his better games and the receivers are not getting open. We're punting again.

Defense has to make another play because we're not going to keep stopping Alex Smith and the Chiefs offense. Carr's MVP chances are quickly flying out the window because he is not stepping up in the biggest game of the season. Well, our D held again, Chiefs punt, Raiders ball on their own 15-yard-line. One first down, now punting from our 40-yard-line, fortunately the Chiefs were holding, otherwise they would have re-flipped field position. We can't do JACK offensively. To our good fortune, holding on Khalil Mack, Chiefs start the 4th quarter deep in their own territory. We sure could use another T.O.

4th Quarter

Ball on Chiefs 7-yad-line and they hit a double-covered Kelce, 1st down on Chiefs 41-yard-line. Ridiculous! Defense is getting tired and our LB's are not playing very well. TJ Carrie makes a play on 3rd down, Chiefs punt with 10:52 to go in the game. I'm sooooooo glad DJ Hayden is not playing because by now, he'd have at least 3 P.I. penalties against him. Keep that dude on the bench!

First down, Carr misses another receiver. Murray, 12-yard-gain, 1st down, 95-yards rushing on 19 carries. Punting again, Carr misses Cooper, Cooper stumbles, couldn't even make a play on the ball. Cooper is having a crappy game as well. Carr is having his worse game of the year, pretty much like he played the first time against the Chiefs. Andy Reid coached Carr in the Pro Bowl and I think he got into his head. If I'm Carr, I'm not talking to him, other than to discuss a play or two that he might want me to run. You don't need to know about my background, you don't need to know crap about me, keep your psycho-babble to yourself.. but Carr being a nice guy, conversed with Reid. I'd a told him to kiss-my-azz, you're the coach of my arch rivals and we play twice a year, you don't need to know JACK about me.

Chiefs 5th punt of the game, Raiders getting the ball with 7:25 to go, on their own 14-yard-line. We can go down, score and we must convert the 2-pt-conversion. Run the football!!!

4th down 4-yards to go, 1st down to Seth Roberts. 2:40 to go, under 3 minutes in the game. 3rd and 1 and we throw the ball, 4th and 1.. false start Raiders.. you gotta run the ball on 3rd and 1, esp. to run clock. Now it's 4th and 6 yards to go.. Batted away, incomplete.. KC ball with 1:56 left in the 4th. Horrible call to throw the ball on 4th and 1, especially since they had not been stopping the run. You have 2 shots to get 1 yard and we probably don't get the penalty. Well, at least our D stepped up and shut the Chiefs out in the second half. Not to worry, they will lose to the Titans next week.. mark my word.

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