Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Thursday Night Showdown in KC

Shout-out to the Planet Fitness Manager in Stone Mountain, GA.. diehard Raiders fan!

It goes without saying that Thursday's game against the Chiefs is the biggest game for the Raiders since the 2002-03 AFC Championship game; a 41-24 victory for the Silver & Black over the late Air McNair's Tennessee Titans. That was our 11th appearance in the AFC Champion, 4 wins and 7 losses.

I go back and forth with a good buddy of mine, Leonard, from KC, who is a lifetime Chief's fan (aka Cheaps). The dude talks major crap about his underachieving Cheaps. He calls the Raiders, "Faiders," a clever nickname but actually one more fitting for his team, as recent and past history clearly confirms the ineptitude of the Kansas City franchise.

The Raiders have appeared in 11 AFC Championship games which puts them 3rd overall in the AFC, behind Pittsburgh (15) and New England (12). The Cheaps are 0-1 in their only AFC Championship appearance in 1993. Their one and only SB win occurred in 1970; it was called the AFL back then. So clearly one can see who the real 'Faiders' are.

Now that the Raider D is starting to gel, and with the ability of the O to put up 30 pts per game, it's time to send a strong message to the NFL... 

We need to go into Kansas City and open up a MAJOR can-ah-whoop-ass! 

A loss Thursday won't doom our season, not in the least, because we're headed to the playoffs either way. However, a win will go a long way in having home field advantage throughout the Playoffs. If that happens, chances are, we meet Dallas in the 51st Super Bowl.