Sunday, January 8, 2017

Congratulations 2016 Raiders!

The season didn't end how we would have liked, with our leader breaking his leg, resulting in losing the AFC West crown and landing us in a WildCard loss against the Texans.

Be that as it may, what a phenomenal year for the Silver and Black! No one could have imagined the Raiders would win 12 games, challenge for the AFC West title and make it to the playoffs for the first time since 2002.

Most Raider fans, like myself, hoped to see improvement from 8-8 last season and a more consistent team. We got that and more! We have two legitimate superstars in QB Derek Carr and on the other side of the ball, DL/DE/LB Khalil Mack. Our future is as bright as Betelgeuse (the ninth-brightest star in the night sky).

Looking forward to next season. Once we tweak the lineup a bit, on both sides of the ball, we'll be a very difficult team to beat once again. Sad to see Crabtree go, but he has to go. He's a good receiver but for three reasons we should look to trade him. Reason # 1 is because he still has trade value. Reason # 2, he drops far too many passes. Reason # 3, he allowed Aquib Talib, Denver Broncos GHETTO CB, to 'punk him' on national television when he snatched Crabtree's chain from his neck. Crabtree did nothing.

The Silver and Black, we're known for getting penalties and that is one time he should have taken one for the team by whoopin' Talib's ass! Straight up! Who knows, a bench-clearing melee may be just what the Raiders needed.

Earlier this season, Talib was suspended for one game for poking Colts TE Dwayne Allen in the eye (he deliberated poked Allen in the eye as they stood face-to-face after a play). Dude is straight ghetto. Crab should have grabbed Talib by the facemask and dragged his sorry-ass up and down the football field, but he did nothing.. It's time for you to roll, that is not the way the Raiders operate, we don't take that kinda crap off no one.. To Crabtree I say, "bye Felicia," get-da-hell-on.