Monday, March 27, 2017

Raider Nation in Sin City

Tisk, tisk, disappointed Raider fans, it's only a 9 hour drive (558 miles) from Oakland to Las Vegas via I-5 S and I-15 N. You can also purchase a round trip flight for as little as $68 bucks!

Consider the fact that Las Vegas has never had a professional football team, which means the Raiders will not have to follow in the footsteps of any other team. We take our legacy with us.

Allow me to address the primary reason behind the move to Vegas.

First of all, no one loves the Silver & Black as much as I do.

Second, for the past 35 years Al and Mark Davis have tried to get a new stadium in Oakland. The city lured the Raiders back from Los Angeles by spending $220 million on stadium renovations, which included a new seating section – "Mount Davis" – with 10,000 seats. It also built the team a training facility and paid all its moving costs. Oakland tax payers still owe $95 million of that cost. That's right, tax payers generally foot the bill for a new or renovated stadium. 

One of the sticking points for the city getting a new stadium was Oakland mayor Libby Schaaf's statement regarding not having taxpayers to have to finance a new stadium. And since Mark Davis' pockets are not quite as deep as other owners, he could not come up with the funding on his own, even with the efforts of Fortress Investment Group and a group led by Hall of Famer Ronnie Lott. They simply could not come up with the needed capital and Las Vegas could. It's as simple as that.

Now, allow me to address the soon-to-be ex-Raider fans who are crying like babies. First and foremost, the bigger issue Oaktown natives need to be concerned with is the crime and the gang activity. And just in case you didn't know, the Warriors are moving to San Francisco in the very near future. No one seems to be up-in-arms about Golden State relocating.

Raider fan, "Voodoo Man," was on Michael and Jemele ('His & Hers'), ESPN. He had the chutzpah to say, "I'm done with the Raiders, I will attend the away games but not the home games." Dahuuaaa, you're still supporting the team if you go to any games, home or away!

Furthermore, all of you whinny pseudo fans, who say you are done with the Raiders, I say to you.... poof pow, be gone! We don't need you and you're complaining as if others care.

Also, winning heals all wounds because I guarantee you, if my boys continue on the up-swing, like they surprised everyone in the 2016-2017 season, we could easily be in the 2018 Super Bowl.. I'd be willing to bet all the money I have (granted, not that much, but that's beside the point) that 95% of the fans that left would slither back on the Oakland Raiders bandwagon and have the audacity to act like they never left. 

Again, you want to leave the nation, be my guest. Some of the NFL pundits seem to think that playing in Las Vegas would create a situation where the Raiders would not have a home-field advantage. That's laughable because once again, when you're winning, people jump on the bandwagon.

In closing, our fans have always traveled well. There are Raider fans throughout the U.S. and abroad (look at what happened when we played the Texans in Mexico, it was basically a home game for us). Raider Nation will be OK in "Sin City."

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