Sunday, August 20, 2017

1st Team D

Jared Goff, 85 yards in 8 plays, 4-4, 66 yards on his opening drive against the Raiders #1 defense. Seriously Raiders?

The D is going to make or break this season. Hell, Goff looked like Tom Brady driving down the field and last I checked, he sucks!

Tell you one thing, Norton is not making it halfway through the season if he doesn't get the D together, plain and simple.

On a brighter note, Marshawn looks good and as we all figured, the first team offense looked sharp. We have the fire-power: Crabtree, Cooper, Cook, Beast Mode, Olawale, Washington, Richard, and Patterson off the bench.

And what can you say about the incomparable D. Carr (gotta work on his dance moves though)... Dude is on point, sharp, and looking phenomenal (one INT that looked like a miscommunication between he and Crabtree).

Sideline shots of the offensive coaches showed excitement; shots of Norton and D-line coach Jethro Franklin, not so good as both looked a tad worried. Yes, it's pre-season, but you had the first-team D going up against the Rams for crying out loud. Shore up the defense Ken Norton Jr. because we can't afford to go half the season not being able to get off the field on 3rd down. Goff and LA's offense converted a couple of 3rd down long situations and that doesn't happen with championship defenses, especially against a sorry team.