Monday, September 10, 2018

Fatal Error

First of all, the Raiders cannot win with the overpaid, overrated, Derek Carr.

Second, Mark Davis made a fatal error by giving Jon Gruden $100 million over 10 years. Unless Gruden voluntarily gives some of that money back, the knee-jerk, absurd decision by Davis, to give Gruden so much money, has without a doubt, set the Raiders franchise back 3-5 years.

Other teams in the AFC West have improved, the Raiders have regressed dramatically. We have no playmakers on offense and none on defense.

Amari Cooper and Derek Carr, both play scared. Cooper is not a factor at all. And some analyst, a few years back, had the audacity to try to compare Cooper to Julio Jones. Seriously? The only thing they have in common is that they are both African American, and they both went to Alabama. Aside from that, there is absolutely no comparison.

The Raiders will never win a Super Bowl with Derek Carr. He's not Rich Gannon, the last Raiders QB to get the team to the big dance.

Carr plays scared; he plays not to get hurt, and has a false bravado that defenses have picked up on.

Furthermore, the Raiders should still have Terrell Pryor on their roster, at the QB position. One thing we knew about Pryor, he was not a choker and his entire career, going back to sandlot ball, he was a big-play threat, everytime he stepped on the field.

The foolish mistakes; the Laurel and Hardy type faux pas made by Davis and Gruden, mark my words, General Manager Reggie McKenzie will be the fall guy. They have to blame someone and as sure as my name is what it is, it will be McKenzie.

I'm not too upset about the loss because I expected it. Those who believe in Davis and Gruden offer the foolish excuse regarding the Mack trade, "we were only 6-10 with Khalil." Right, but without him, the Raiders would have easily been 3-13. He is a playmaker and can change the course of a game. Mack hater's have stated, "he made those plays when Rogers was out of the game." He made them when Aaron was in the game, and out of the game, against the same Green Bay O-line.

It's going to be a long season for Chucky and the Silver and Black. He's going to wish he would have kept his pathetic self in the booth, and Jordy Nelson is going to curse the Packers organization for trading him to a dysfunctional team.

Oh, and one more thing... I'm certain Jack Del Rio is somewhere laughing his ass off. "Freakin' IDIOTS!"

Friday, April 27, 2018

About to be Four

Chuckie's back! There's about to be four Vince Lombardi trophies in our trophy case. I like the acquisition of Martavis Bryant and the first round pick being used to shore up the Raiders O-line.

The O-line as well as the team as a whole, fell off last season. Sorry to say, I was happy to see Del Rio leave. His track record, going back to his days as coach of the Jaguars, was the essence of mediocrity, and he was headed down that same road with the Raiders.

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

So Long Jack... Chuckie is Back!

My last blog about the Raiders was September 18, 2017, the start of the 2017-18 season. Little did I know at the time, we would have a disastrous campaign, which explains why there have been no entries since September.

Marshawn dancing after the second win of the season against the lowly Jets (although they played better than most people thought they would for the remainder of the season) did not really sit well with me. Not that I had a problem with it, Beastmode just being Beastmode, but it was a bad omen. For one, you're playing the Jets, not the Patriots; and second, it was only game number two. The very next game against the Redskins, my boys were embarrassed on a Monday night. This loss would set the stage for three more L's and a 2-4 record. The season was not halfway over and we were already behind the eight ball. 

Of course, we would never recover as we spiraled toward a 6-10, 2017-18 season. There was plenty of blame to go around; the first casualty was D-coordinator Ken Norton Jr. An OaklandRaidersBlog title was, "Norton Must Go," but I deleted the post after the Raiders defense showed signs of life in the October 19th win against the Chiefs. Ten days later, we're drubbed by the Bills 34-14.

Anyway, you don't need me to rehash our atrocious season, but there is a big bright light at the end of the tunnel. That bright light is none other than "Chuckie" himself, one Mr. Jon Gruden.

Chuckie's back! 

If it were not for the mediocre coaching of Jack Del Rio and our dismal attempt at being a legitimate team, we would not be in this position... so THANK YOU Jack. 

Many fans want to blame the O.C. (it was Jack who fired Musgrave, a 'grave' error) Todd Downing, but there is more than enough blame to go around and it starts at the top; starts with the Head Coach. 

On November 29, 2011, Del Rio was fired as the Jacksonville Jaguars head coach. His 9-year record was 68 wins and 71 losses, 1-2 in only two playoff appearances. His track record wreaks of mediocrity; up one season, down the next one or two, and he was headed down that same path with the Raiders, and Mark Davis - thank goodness - was not having that.

So long Jack.. Raider fans wish you well..