Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Las Vegas Raiders

The budget for personal seat license sales at the Raiders’ Allegiant Stadium has increased by $228 million over original estimates.

Initially projected to bring in $250 million, better than forecast sales have led the Raiders to increase the PSL budget by 91.2 percent to $478 million, according to the latest financial report provided by the Las Vegas Stadium Authority.

All of that $478 million has been infused into the $2 billion, 65,000-seat stadium.


The city of Oakland is too BROKE to give the Raiders a new stadium which is why the Davis family has been lied to for the past 40 years. Even the former mayor of Oakland stated that the city was too strapped for cash to finance a new stadium. Furthermore, Oakland taxpayers owe millions for the renovation of an already dilapidated Oakland Coliseum. That's why the city of Oakland is trying to sue the Raiders, to recoup some of those funds.

Al Davis and now Mark Davis have been the least-richest of ALL NFL OWNERS because they've lost money on a BULLSHIT stadium in a drug-infested neighborhood in Oakland - I was born in Oakland, went to Oakland HS - relocated to ATL in 1991.. been a diehard Raiders fan since the age of 6.

Those of you who refuse to RESEARCH the situation and call my Raiders - Traders - don't try to ease your fair-weather-fan-ASS back on the bandwagon when we start winning consistently again.

BTW... Raider fans travel well.. and considering the fact that we're moving to a mega-city like Las Vegas, with no professional NFL or NBA team.. The citizens of Vegas have already adopted the Raiders as their own.

Read, research, read... and read some more before you start pontificating abt shyt you know VERY LITTLE ABOUT...