Marcus Allen

Mark Davis you must bring Marcus Allen back into the fold, back into Raider Nation. Marcus is a Raider and should have been inducted into the Hall of Fame as a Raider. If Marcus is a Chief in the HOF then Jerry Rice should be a Raider in the HOF.

Jerry is enshrined as a 49er just like Marcus should be enshrined as a Raider. Whatever went on between Al Davis and Allen should be squashed now that the Raider patriarch has transitioned to his next life.

Allen's glory years were with the Silver and Black. All diehard Raider fans know this. Arguably the best player in Raider history, how can he not be a part of Raider Nation. It's not logical, it's not right, and it's not just. Obviously there was a serious rift between Marcus and Al, but aside from committing a felony against Davis, there is nothing that Marcus did, whatever it may have been, that cannot be forgiven.

I've been an Oakland Raider fan for 40 years and the one time I almost lost my loyalty was during the two years that Davis benched Marcus. Sure, Art Shell was the coach during that time, but it was not his call to play Marcus. One reason why Al Davis hired and fired Art Shell twice was because Art has no backbone. He was a heck of a offensive lineman, but he was a patsy as a coach.

Art Shell should have stood up for Marcus, especially since he would be fired anyway. I'm sure he feared being black-balled by Al and could possibly have a problem landing another coaching job. However, as many feathers that Al Davis ruffled over the years, there were probably many General Managers and Owners that would have given Art a coaching position had he showed some chutzpa. And if he would not have been offered a job it would not have been related to the Al vs Marcus rift, it would have been because he was a lousy head coach.

Marcus Allen is a class act, in the Derek Jeter mold, and he gives props to Al Davis in a video below, when speaking on Al's passing.

Bring Marcus back to the fold. He earned it, he deserves, and I'm fairly certain, most Raider fans want it.

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