Former cheerleaders have found success outside the Raider organization:
  • Brijet Finister, Miss Black California USA 2012
  •  Erica Arana, model, and actress
  •  Danielle Gamba, Playboy Cyber Girl of the Month, October 2004
  •  Jennifer (Jenn) Grijalva, actress, MTV's The Real World: Denver
  • Anjelah Johnson, stand up comedian and former MADtv cast member
  • Kiana Tom, TV fitness instructor, model, and actress
  • Brooke Morales - Poster Model / Actress / Benchwarmer Model / Playboy Model
  •  Jeanette Thompson - [] Behind the Shield Reporter
  •  Cole Martin - The Bachelor: Paris - contestant
  • Kelli Brook - Model / Actress - 90210, Age of Love- Participant / Benchwarmer Model
  • Patty Breton - Playboy Model
  • Ana Marie Carrasco - Actress / Model / Benchwarmer Model /Playboy Model
  •  Raydeen Revilla - Actress / Benchwarmer Model
  •  Paige Green - Actress / Wife of John Elway
  • Karen Golic - Wife of Bob Golic
  •  Anjanette Abayari, model, and actress in the Philippines

Raiderette of the Year Anna details her experiences in Hawaii representing the Silver and Black at the 2012 Pro Bowl.

Anna's Pro Bowl Blog: Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Hello Raider fans!

Day 2 in Hawaii was full of practice, practice and more practice. Preparing for a game in one week is lots of work but worth every bit of sweat.

We were put into our lines, I'm in AFC 1, which includes all of the girls from the AFC Western Division. It's been really great getting to know all the girls from our "rival" teams and dancing together with them as one.

This evening we had our group sunset photo shoot out by the pool. It was the first time we all got to see each other in our uniforms...everyone looked gorgeous. I'm excited to see how the picture turns out.

After a little more practice we had some time to goof around and chat in the hotel before resting up for another eventful day.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Aloha Raider Nation,

Today was a fun day of traveling to the island of Oahu and meeting other Pro Bowl cheerleaders. We all arrived at the Hilton Waikiki beach resort at different times during the day.

I was lucky enough to arrive in the afternoon and make it to the beach in time to soak up the sun with some of the other ladies. I even got to see one of my Raiderette sisters, Angel, today on the beach. She is here teaching youth clinics on different islands during the week.

As the sun went down and more girls arrived we met for dinner to have our first meal together in Hawaii.

I'm looking forward to a week filled with new memories!

Raiderette Photo Album